Prison officials are messing with the first amendment.

Prison officials in Florida and elsewhere are trying to stop inmates from using websites like mine and prison pen pal sites to tell their stories and have contact with the world outside the walls.

There are many web sites for prisoners who are innocent or being abused by the system.  The prison officials in many prisons have a steak in keeping the prisoners in prison.  If a prisoner is innocent they do not want there innocence proven.  They also do what they can to make it hard on the prisoners to get parole.  Guards will set up prisoners on false charges that will make it hard to get parole.  There are many beatings and deaths in prison either by guards of other prisoners with the guard’s help.

Prison officials do not want the prisoners to have pen pals or web sites because the word gets out about the abuses and the innocence of the prisoners.  There are complaints about these sites from victims families however isn’t it better that the real perpetrator is sent to prison in the case of the innocent prisoners.  Isn’t the loss of freedom and the prison conditions enough of a punishment for those who are guilty.

My web site has the stories of innocent people in prison and those who are guilty.  The purpose of my site is not only to help the innocent but it is also the help in rehabilitation and to help convince those who are beginning a life of crime to stop before it is too late.  The prisoners can help prevent crime by telling their stories and how they live because of their criminal pasts.

I also feel that people change in prison.  Some times for the good and sometimes for the bad.  A young man who enters prison at 17 to 20 may be a completely different person 20 years later.

I have been in contact with some good people in prison.  A few years ago they were very bad and they admit it.  Now they are different than they were then.  You may think that they are BSing me.  I do not think so.  I am a pretty good judge of character.  I have been in the streets and I am street wise.  Years ago I could run a good con and I know a con when I see one.

Sites like this one tell it like it is.  We help prisoners because they need help.  We also are thinking about the fact that some day most will be back on the streets.  We want to help them so that they do not go back to a life of crime.  Our sites save the taxpayers money because some would commit new crimes if it were not for our help.
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