The Exonerated

Many if not most of the thousands of innocent people in prisons are there because of the The Good Old Boy Network.  In most of these cases the prosecution and the police know that the person is innocent.  Evidence is fabricated, ignored or "lost".  These are poor people who can not afford to defend themselves.  The court appointed attorneys in most cases work for the prosecutor and ignore evidence that will help their clients.  Others are drunk in court and/or sleep in court.  Some of them do their jobs but the odds are stacked against them.

The information is supplied by the inmates and/or their families.  I feel that the information that they have supplied is true, however, there is a possibility that some of these people are not totally truthful.  I do feel that these cases should be looked into more deeply and the truth should be known.

Take a look at these web pages.  You may be able to help set one of them free.  If you know of other cases you can E-mail me about the case.

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