Excessive Sentencing


I have known a lot of people over my lifetime, some good, some bad and most in between.  I also found that over the years events have made them change, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad and most of the times in between.

I read a book many years ago called 99 Years Plus Life.  The author’s last name was Sands.  He said that all prison sentences should be one year to life.  If this was done the system would have to rehabilitate the prisoners.  In other words they would have to start doing their job.

Most prisons are warehouses that make money on prisoners.  The more prisoners the more money the guards and prison officials make.  This is the problem.  They do not want the prisoners to get out.  They parole the ones that they know will reoffend and come back.  The guards write phony tickets on the ones that deserve parole so they will not get it.

As long as a prisoner is a menace to society he should stay in prison.  When they are ready to rejoin society they should be released.  Rehabilitation and the release of prisoners who are ready to return to society would save millions if not billions of dollars.

They have to be ready.  They should have help finding a home and if need be they should be given rent and food assistance until they can be self sufficient. 

As I said people change.  The person that goes to prison is not the same person five or ten years later.  In spite of the system many change for the good.   This is one reason I am against the death penalty. The prisoner is executed many years after the crime has been committed and is not the person who committed the crime. 

There are many prisoners who should never be freed.  This is why they should not be a maximum sentence.  Prisoners should be freed when they are ready for freedom and not before or after. 

One problem is that the parole boards do not know what they are doing.  They should be professionals who know what they are doing.

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