Ernest Townsend



*Just Denied*
Innocent prisoner, seeks pro-bono lawyer or any legal help that could be provided.

In year 1990, I was convicted of a murder that I had absolutely no involvement. And was sentenced to 25-Life. The prosecutions main witness was arrested for attempted murder, in a separate case of her own. However, her attempted murder case was dropped in exchange for her testimony against me.

In year 2000, the same prosecutions main witness came forth and told the truth in a notarized sworn declaration. I appealed it to the Superior Court in which I was convicted (Van Nuys). I was granted an Evidentiary Hearing. Under oath in front of a judge, the same witness that testified against me, now testified for me. She told the judge that she was forced and coerced to testify against me. She said the detectives threatened to give her life on her own case and take away her child if she didn't say what they wanted her to say.

None of this was disputed at the Evidentiary Hearing. However, my petition was still denied.

I have all transcripts and more.
Please Help!

Ernest Townsend # E-90624
Avenal State Prison - 120-2-53L
P O Box 9
Avenal, CA 93204 USA


Please help this man! He is innocent and he really needs help! I beg you to please help this man.


Steven Brown