Edward Brooks Story

(From Edward Brooks)
It is a pleasure to tell my version of the truth.  By the standards of law and facts I can prove my innocence but by logic 
and common sense standards, the state can prove my guilt, so it depends on a person's view.
How I got myself in this fix is a story that has been told for centuries but with different players. I was the last person to 
find out that my beloved spouse was engaged in consented adult sex with the alleged murder victim (Mr. John Spigner). I 
told the detectives and everyone else that "I was not trying to kill anyone" which the state is aware of because it was in 
their plea offer. It is ironic because the law requires intent to kill", so I do not understand why the prosecutor said in 
part “because I did not intend to kill anyone..."  If you ask the state, I am convicted and sentenced under attempted murder 
in the first degree in my case.
To go further the alleged murder victim did not testify against me in court on September 1, 1998 which means he 
never informed a judge about his life being in danger and show the injuries he sustained from my weapon because Mr. 
Spigner was never present during the commission of the crime which the state was aware of. 
Mr. Rabil, the prosecutor stated in part, ".... couldn't find the occupants of the apartment who had been removed". So, 
how was I able to harm the ghost of Mr. Spigner and for my court-appointed counsel to advise me to plead no contest 
to shooting a ghost, if that is not ineffective assistance of counsel then what is?  It is plain that my counsel conspired with 
Mr. Rabil to help his conviction record for the District of Forsyth County, but what is ironic, Judge Ronald Spivey, and 
U.S. Magistrate. Judge Wallace Dixon refused to see this, so justice is truly blind since I cannot afford Johnny Cochran 
or F. Lee Bailey to represent me.
The State is relying on what might have happened if our paths had crossed because I left a threatening note of Mr. 
Spigner's car, so as a loving workaholic, trying to support 3 step-children, 2 grand children, one child of my own before 
I married my spouse (Ms. Betty J. Franklin-Varner-Brooks of Clanton, Alabama). Evidently, I was supposed to shake 
his hand and welcome him to the family. I left the note as a warning and I gave Mr. Spigner a chance to leave by leaving 
the crime scene because I wanted him to walk home and think about why he chose to disrespect me in my own home 
where I helped pay bills by giving my spouse cash most of the time, but I did maintain another apartment because of 
the problems with the 2 oldest step children (ages 24 & 25).  My spouse has 5 children and 4 grandchildren. Yes, I must 
have really loved her or I was just plain stupid to marry her.  
This conspiracy to protect Mr. Hall (my attorney) and Mr. Rabil has reached U.S. District Court of the Middle District 
of N. C. in Greensboro, N. C. But I am now in the U. S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals pending leave (permission) to 
appeal. The Courts will not appoint me a lawyer to bring forth a Federal claim which I find ironic and so should you, so 
what is it they do not want to see in my case?
The state cannot prove that I have a long criminal story but hell, I have no criminal history against society so why did 
they induce a no contest plea to attempted murder in the first degree of John Spigner because they enjoy over-punishing 
"the little man and the poor man?"
As for my other charges, they were consolidated plus the arresting officer testified that he believes I was not trying to kill 
them in open court in the trial transcript. This is ironic, compared to the other attempted murder of Officer Henry , but 
it appears that Mr. Rabil did not care what his own witnesses said and neither did the honorable L. Todd Burke who 
presided over the trial and if God had testified in my behalf, the state would have still found me guilty of a B2 Felony. 
Mr. Hall hid or failed to communicate a plea offer of 2 class # felonies which carries 31 to 47 months.  The state will 
contend that they "withdrew" it prior to Jan. 5, 1998, but Mr. Rabil's letter says I "rejected" it, so this is a play on 
words because in order for me to "reject" a plea, I must know about it, but the courts don't want to hold a preliminary 
hearing even though myself and Mr. Rabil consented to have one. The State's response in part was that the state "suggests 
to the court that an evidentiary hearing may be prudent in order to settle once and for all the issues raised” The main reason 
is because I had a huge disagreement with police officers and I can respect that which is a Class E felony, not a Class 
B2 felony, but the state has taken upon themselves to over punish a black man with no criminal record, decorated in 
medals (good conduct of a professional U. S. Soldier) twice, a loving workaholic husband and father.
I want to ask your readers is a 11 to 14 year prison sentence justifiable to a devastated husband or 31 to 47 months 
is appropriate sentence for harming the ghost of Mr. Spigner?  
There is the trickery in the indictment presented to the grand jury by Mr. Rabil, but I don't want to go over in pages, so I 
will wait to see what you think of my story.



Edward Brooks
North Carolina Inmate
# 0627485
PO Box 1569
Lillington, NC 27546



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