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When you see as much injustice in the system as I have you learn that anything can happen.  Dr. Les Sachs story would make a good movie but the powers that be would not allow it.  Free speech is something that is in our constitution however our government does not always abide by our constitution.  Freedom of the press is for those jounalists who do not make to many waves.


The following is from e-mails Dr Sachs sent Patsy Grimmett whose son, William Bleigh, has a webpage on The Injustice System. 


This has not been edited and is a copy of the e-mail


Dear Ms Grimmett,

Thank you for writing to me, and first of all, just to say how very sad I am that you and Bill are now yet more of the millions of victims of that horrid US
legal system. - Yes, hundreds of thousands of your 2.3 million US prisoners are innocent.

And good that you have a very spiritual connection, wonderful with the contact from the Orthodox clergyman, with the sending of the two bibles, including the King James just for the English literary quality. - The spiritual powers are exactly the ones to call upon in such an hour.

A bit surprising you found me - and that was a very old e-mail address to which you wrote, which I rarely use now. - The reason you can't find me easily, is because my journalism had become too popular and dangerous to your US
government, and your corrupt US judges went to the extreme measure of issuing illegal orders to the search engines, to block my websites from the internet, to try and prevent people like you from finding my writings.

Though I may possibly be murdered by the US
government, at least I was able to escape from the USA alive, to live here in freedom instead of in your awful country. - There are a bunch of things happening in regard to me, including possible criminal charges in Europe against US judges, which I hope will bring about some more focus on the kinds of horrors that you are in right now. - Just below is how to access recent articles about me, and my own websites that your US regime is blocking.

There are some things I have written, which can be of help in explaining and understanding what is going on in these horrors with your son. - You are really beginning what is likely a long and sad journey, and facing many stone walls of frustration. But just understanding the system can be useful, and save you some time and grief as you adjust your expectations to the reality. In that free online book, the 'FAQ on Judicial Corruption', I really tried to lay out most major things you can expect to find, when you enter the US legal system nightmare.

Some of my own past writing -

"Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the American Crisis of Judicial Corruption"
"America's Corrupt Legal System - Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents"
and a free online book:
"Complete Underground Guide and FAQ, to US Judicial and Legal Corruption"

You can find links to these articles at my own main website: www dot) dr-les-sachs (dot) be - though that site is ordered to be banned from the search engines by US judges, who are trying to illegally control the whole world internet - and for that offence the US judges and government are now facing criminal charges in Europe.

Ms Grimmett, aside from the long work for you of trying to fully understand what happened - the whole iron curtain of corrupt US judges and lawyers and media and politicians and organisations - the sad truth is, that it is very hard to find a way out of these horrors.

Even if you had money, it might not have saved your son from jail. - Often what happens, is the lawyers steal all your money, but the innocent go to jail anyway in the end. The only somewhat protective formula in the USA,
is money + political and corporate media connections, and people who have all of that, can get away with murdering people. Like the friend of Bush who has been paying to threaten to kill me, and she publicly brags that she can kill people, the fascist-racist writer Patricia Cornwell.

The people on the internet that you find sympathetic, in general, don't have any lawyers, or funding, or access to major media. Just a little internet publicity on obscure websites, which doesn't do much to release the innocent, except reach some other victims, and make you feel a little better.

Often there are various little people sort of trying to start their own 'movement' or 'organisation', there are so many such sites and 'start-up justice organisations', that I have heard of by now, I cannot count them. Even when people somewhat 'come together' – the Jail 4 Judges movement is likely the greatest such movement that has taken place in the US - quite a huge mailing list of readers - It is still quite powerless in individual cases, still lacking in lawyers, funding, or major media access.

If a journalist likes me starts to get too popular writing about these subjects, then your government even moves in to try to slander me and shut down access to my websites, even though I myself was able to escape alive to Europe. This was ultimately stupid on their part, because now your US judges are guilty of committing 'terrorist crimes' on European territory, and as the case goes forward in the European courts, it now may shed some more broader light on what is happening
in the USA. My hope is that the increasing global shame upon the US, will lead to reforms and the release of many innocent people.

What you find, is that you are now on the 'other side' of American society, you are among millions of victims, who are yet generally powerless despite your numbers. - If some 'movement' among victims were to start to get powerful, your government would move in, start to crush and jail the leaders, seize all their assets, dis-bar the lawyers - One sample of that was your government's attack on me in 2007, partly backed by the CIA, to slander my reputation, block my
sites from the internet, and try to make sure that most Americans cannot find my journalism.

And as you've likely been finding, it can be hard to tell your story to others who do not know a legal system victim. The average American is still fooled and propagandised by the media, they believe, or pretend they believe, in 'American justice', and if they start to think you are telling the truth, they get frightened, because they know they cannot help your son, and that they might get in trouble too for not keeping their mouths shut, so they run away.

If President Obama wished to be a really great man, he could immediately end the death penalty, and order comprehensive evaluation of all of the USA's 2.3 million prisoners, and take steps to see that the hundreds of thousands of innocent or unfairly imprisoned people in the US, were on their way to being released. And he would need to see that out of your huge mafia of corrupt US lawyers and judges, that many of those would need to be imprisoned, to scare the rest into good

But I am afraid it will take a real revolution in America, before the people storm the Bastille and let out the innocent prisoners. That revolution may not be long in coming - some say even before 2012, others say extremely likely before the end of another decade. -  It is now five years since I escaped to freedom in Europe, so I am no judge of what is happening there in your country now. But many people in the US
tell me that the hour of real change in America, the great cataclysm, is coming. - Many of those people would say: Your son will be out of jail within a few years at most, but when he walks out that prison door, the USA as you know it may not even exist.

Of course I regret I cannot point you to any 'fix' for the tragedy that has befallen your family. - Other than point to some of my writings, as above, that describe how the whole US system really works, including the all-important media control, and telling you why the so-called 'civil-rights groups', and the politicians and media and most if not all lawyers will abandon you.

The details of your son's case are really sad and troubling. On the one hand, there is an element of danger for you and others who try to publicise the facts and that he is innocent. - On the other hand, that is the one thing you can do.

A key element in the case is the false testimony of that young woman who sent her father to jail. This is going to gnaw at her insides, perhaps lead her to suicide. - And of course however much guilt comes into her mind, she knows that she would herself face jail for the false testimony and perjury - Ultimately though it might be the guilt and shame in her mind, which can be leveraged into the means to release her father, and she can claim with some justification that she was mentally disturbed and insane at the time. - However painful it is for her, she has to be led to realise that to save her own life and soul, she must help to set her father free.

Good luck, and stay in prayer - And may a miracle happen, sooner than anyone would expect.

Best wishes,


Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs - Political refugee from US in Europe - Writer on US legal and media corruption - target of US threats of murder and smear campaigns

Do understand that it is part of the US spending large amounts of money to try and have me silenced and killed, that not only are my own sites blocked from search engines, but many lies and hoaxes are spread about me on the web, via US corporate media, even corrupted US law professors, and other people repeating falsehoods.

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My own writings and websites are blocked from search engines by illegal US orders, but you can still type in manually and find my own work: www (dot) dr-les-sachs (dot) be


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