Poetic Love & Truth

By Donnie Sebreros

"Country Without Their Fathers" "I"

Can you hear the cries...
Of sons and daughters living all those lies?
Where are all their fathers...
To provide guidance for their sons and daughters?
Women have took that role...
Of providing guidance and love,
To their son's and daughter's souls.
Now, We have independent mothers and women...
With their love stand proud,
And in the streets, jails and prison,
Their love shout so loud!
Gang members, drug dealers and addicts...
Whose daughters and sons are they?
The devil's who's guided them?
When their fathers should've molded them like clay!
So why don't you hear their cries?
Of all our children living them lies
And not even one caring why?
And just letting the fatherless do life in prison or die?
On these last days of this earth...
Will a father's love give birth?

"News Flash"
Three skyliner jets"have been hijacked by terrorist and crashed into the
pentagon and both twin towers in Washington and New York. Killing
thousands and thousand ofpeople (You know the rest of that story!)

"News Flash"
President Bush is asking America, Why mothers are killing their children?
(Is he, or is it this poet?)

Poet Love & Truth,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"Country Without Their Fathers" "II"

"News Flash"
The crime rate, They say is dropping?  U.S.A. has two million people
(1 million fathers?) in prison
"Poet's Flash"
"Bitterness is on the rise..."
"Cover it up, white it out."
"Sweep it under the rug."
"But from me, You can't disguise!"
"Country Without Their Fathers"...
Is what this poem is saying!
So Fathers stand up like a rooted tree...
And get your minds out of the trash,
Thinking just of yourself,
Womanizing, drugs, alcohol, and your cash?
God has made man...
To do for his children,
Everything he can!
So, In this beautiful earth...
Where are your sons and daughters
Whom (at the time?) your lady gave birth?
Are you sure or care they're growing up right...
Then why every night are they out of your sight?
And into their big beautiful eyes,
What they see goes into their hearts,
Of all those wicked old lies.
"Country Without There Fathers..."
.Why have you forsaken your girls and boys,
Divorce, wedlock, womanizing, and prison,
And in their hands goes drugs and guns as toys!

Poet Love & Truth, © Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"Country Without Their Fathers" "III"

Country Without Their Fathers...
Can I take us to a new level?
With wisdom from a fatherless boy,
Who was fathered by the devil?
Terrorism, wars, drugs, mothers killing their baby...
Gangs, bullies, children out of wedlock,
Can't you hear the timer to this bomb,
Ticking as your clock?
This bomb blows up many ways..
Sometimes with a big bam,
Killer kids with their toys...
The fatherless it looks is damned
Or this bomb can be silent...
A slow killer to end her life,
Fatherless daughters who throw themselves at men,
More fatherless brats, loneliness,
And aids ain't nothing nice!
.Fatherlessness has produced independent daughters...
Who look down at men,
Cause, Fathers have forgot to love and their responsibility,
To help and defend!
Sensitivity is lost to fatherless daughters...
In lesbianism, they seek who they are,
And men think that's sexy?
Have these fathers let this go too far?
It's no lie...
Who's raising these deadly brats,
I know, I was one,
That's how this poem got these facts.
Wisdom from this brat...
Of the hurt and shame I feel,
I've covered it with a mask of pride,
This day I will reveal. ...
Poetic Love & Truth,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"Countrv Without Their Fathers" "IV"

"Country Without Their Fathers..."
I now unmask my own self,
To show you the real me,
And no one else.
Cause brats, oops, I mean children, men, and women...
Now wear a mask of pride,
Covering up their missing fathers.
But to me they cannot hide!
This poem is for everyone...
Even the government can learn too,
With Bitterness and Fatherlessness on the rise,
Read in between the lines on what to do?
I'll give you a hint...
But you need to read on,
About an ex-gang member, drug dealer and addict,
Who sang this fatherless, deadly song!
It happened at my birth...
When I opened my big brown eyes,
My father and both my grandfathers, womanizers and alcoholics,
So this went into my heart as wise!
Everyone has this...
Again, our eyes are the windows to our hearts,
At birth, when I first opened mine,
That's how these poems first start!

Poetic Love & Truth,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros


"Country Without Their Fathers" "V"

This all adds to this bitterness on the rise...
And you or me, can't even disguise!
Take it out from under the rug...
Out of the closet,
Especially from men's hearts where it holds snug!
Bitterness gotten them blind...
They can't see right from wrong,
Thinking they're one of a kind.
They can't see even their daughters...
Looking for that sensitive touch...
Some find it in other women?
They're saying, "I just want a little of daddy's love, is that too much?"
The government has its programs...
To steer the fatherless from this deadly tune,
But fathers need to be responsible,
Or the fatherless will be doomed!
I'm gone but I'll be back...
When we find some answers to this poem,
And when the fatherless find their fathers,
Who'll love their hearts of stone!
Poetic Love & Truth,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"One Example of the Love of Jesus"

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them...
For they do not know what they do,"
That was for those who were killing him,
Then, He took with him to paradise a convict too!
This is one example of Jesus' love...
That teaches me not to judge,
My enemies and those who have used me,
Not to anyone to even hold a grudge.
The spirit of truth has convicted me...
I admit, I've hurt, used, judged and mocked,
To even the least of them, Jesus, children.
I've hurled many hurtful rocks,
They say, "What goes around, comes around..."
In the Bible, it says, "We reap what we sow,"
Did I plant my own destruction,
What made me think it wouldn't grow?
I created my own monster...
Self-righteous, never looking at my own self,
Hurting the ones who truly love me,
By judging everyone else.
I blamed my family, police and government...
For my disobedience, sins and faults,
I stunted my own growth,
To be a true family man and adult.
As Jesus' Truth shined in my heart...
And exposed its self-centered, bitter parts,
When I accepted Jesus' Love and Forgiveness,
This humbleness was my new start!
Yes, It's a new start for me...
Cause all I've ever known was the dark side,
.Violence, Hatred, Envy, Anger, I know now,
It's something I never again want to hide!
Realizing now, I hit the bottom of the barrel...
And from my cell I can just look up,
Thanking Jesus for His Love and Forgiveness,
Who suffered for me, and drank of that sacrificial cup!

Poetic Love & Truth,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"A Letter from your Son "

Dear Dad, What's up?
Why are you never home?
All I think of now,
Is today, How will I get stoned?
LSD, smoking crack and a little weed...
A wet daddy, super kool, blowing my mind,
No father's guidance, so to me,
The drug dealers are so kind.
Knock, Knock, Dad can we talk?
Mom yells, Dad's in prison again.
I'll find a gun, "Bang-Bang!"
We'll talk and I'll tell you when!
So, No time to talk out here?
I'll just go visit you, Dad,
Into prison I go, your son,
The one you wish you never had!
Well if you say, "You love me"
It sure in hell don't show,
Drugs, partying, other women, first!
It just tells me, no!
Dad, I hate to be so bold...
And like you, "Straight out!"
But, there's anger building in my heart,
A happy family, I now doubt.
No\v, Mom, going to church...
Aah, she's a Jesus Freak,
Follow her, or you to prison,
Both choices seem kind of weak!
Hey Dad, Mother is changing...
Should I follow her to Jesus' cross?
It seems a better choice?
Than to follow you and get lost!

Poetic Love & Trust,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"No Fair Trials"

They nailed him to a cross...
"Kangaroo Court," tried, convicted and condemned,
.As we know it, "Railroaded,"
By a group of self-righteous, evil men.
No reason did they have '
But hearts filled with bitter hate,
Deceived and driven by the devil,
And it was prophecy filled to that date.
The Bible talks of this prophecy...
And of a bitterness that will defile many,
I found it hiding in my heart,
And that I cannot deny.
I'm guilty of self-righteous murder...
Myself, I've crucified a few,
I've judged righteousness to be wrong,
Jesus, Please forgive me too?
The Bible says, "To hate is to murder "
Then with my hateful heart and tongue,
I've done a few verbal drive-by's,
"Verbal Murder" with my gun.
With sharp words I've condemned...
Straight down their hearts I've cut,
No conviction whatsoever,
Of any feelings, spilled blood or guts.
Verbal or physical, no fair trials...
Nope, no in my law books,
In my gang and drug dealing, I was judge,
And the police, courts, jail and prison system were the crooks!
I let my bitterness, judge wrongfully...
What goes around, Came around in my face,
Some of my own medicine,
Is now what I taste!
No more denial, I realize my mistakes...
Where my heart has twisted love and truth,
Like the men who crucified Jesus,
Where bitterness in their hearts took root.

Poetic Love & Truth,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"God's Stepping Stones"

Do walls and obstacles seem too high...
Waters too deep, or valleys too low,
Are these stumbling blocks stopping your goals and dreams?
Maybe God just wants you to spiritually grow?
Obstacles, walls, valleys, deep waters and stumbling blocks...
We now use as "God's Stepping Stones.".
So, We will become like His Son Jesus,
And make heaven our home!
So, You think that person's the devil...
His or her attitude in your way,
God places people in our life as lessons,
To help us grow each and every day.
Maybe it's not that person at all...
But it's something in our hearts,
You know God works in mysterious ways,
Maybe He wants a healing, forgiveness, or love to start?
But, We always need to be learning to grow...
As these sometimes hot trials come our way,
Use them as "God's Stepping Stones,"
So, Our faith will not sway!
There's a much bigger picture here...
Than overcoming blocks and obstacles as a prize,
It's the lesson we'll teach someone else,
So they'll not bite into them same old lies!
Now as \ve go through our hot trials...
Remember, God will always be there,
Don't trip, on how hard the lessons get,
Cause, He loves you and cares!

Poetic Love & Trust,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros


"Saintly Mask"

Side one

Dear Jesus, I am guilty...
forgiye me of my sins
of not giving you my whole heart
and being 'transparent' from within
I thought I could hide it...
With a 'Saintly Mask'
but without being 'transparent'
I never finished your Godly task
With my mouth I shouted
'Praise The Lord'
But in my double-minded ways
I carried a deadly sword
I confess, I was fake...
At times I took off this mask
and engaged in my favorite lust
of my worldly past, Past?
I thought no one seen me...
As I clowned and put down other men
Putting myself on a pedestal
creating my own destruction and end
Even as I read and heard your word... 
My sin was exposed by your light
I denied your truth
and clung to this mask real tight
I tried to make a deal with God...
Instead of being transparent
and giving  100%

"Side two"

I held on to the mask and gave 50
and the rest as payments for rent
It needed to be 100%
holding back nothing, giving my all
Until then, I started my spiritual growth
and put rny walk on stall
I feared to take off this mask...
and show the real me
My insecurities said
I.d look like a lame, lop and fiea
In my past I've always tried
to be something I'm not
Today Lord, I give 100% of my heart
and put this game to a stop
The Bible tell me...
 My righteousness is as a filthy rag
but my heart lies to me and says
I'm not that bad!
So Jesus, take my heart
As I think of it, "It stinks!"
And my self-righteous attitude and lies
And just everyway I think
Hey, the truth wasn't that bad
It didn't reallv hurt
Now I can finish Jesus's commission
"It's time to get to work !"
Poetic Love & Trust,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

"Our Beliefs"

Howa man believes...
 Don't try and change,
That is my belief,
I don't say, "you're wrong or strange!"
That's the world's 2nd biggest problem...
The 1st, Not learning to communicate,
Both are forms of not understanding,
Whether it's two countries, friends or mates.
Can a person have their own beliefs...
Without others trying to dictate what's in their heart?
And get angry when they can't dictate,
That's how arguments, fights and wars start.
A person's beliefs come from...
What they see with their eyes,
Which are their windows to our hearts.
Can we say, "Their belief is wrong or lies?"
That's how they or we see it...
And believe it as truth in our lives,
Why do people try to dictate our beliefs,
Like an angry convict with a knife!
The angry of this world...
Get angry when we don't believe like them,
Can everyone have our own beliefs,
The devil the one who judges and condemns?
Let everyone have their own beliefs...
That's what makes them who they are,
And positive beliefs build good self-esteem,
So our goals will reach the stars!
Do we hurt others...
As we get angry at their beliefs,
Do we stunt their growth?
And what evil do we weave?
God's given us the power of choice...
How we choose to believe is how we'll live,
If you'd like to change someone's beliefs,
First, your time and life you need to give!
If you feel my beliefs are wrong...
I'm open to what you got to say.
The 3rd biggest problem of this world
Not learning from others, something new every day!

Poetic Love & Trust,
© Copyright 2003 Donnie Sebreros

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