Donald BradishDonald Bradish went to a motel one day to get his girlfriend out of a dangerous situation. The manager at the motel hired teens to steal things for him, and Donald used to work for him. However, after being put on parole for stealing things for this man he refused to allow himself to be sucked into that world again, and he did not want his girlfriend to go through the same things he did.

He arrived at the motel and began to talk to his girlfriend in the motel’s parking lot. There were a lot of kids in and around the motel who also worked for the manager. All of a sudden gunshots were heard from inside the motel. Donald started running. He was on parole and did not want to get into any more trouble. He got a ride to his mother’s house, which was outside of county limits. This was against his parole rules, but he did not know where else to go. He was sick with anxiety.

Eventually his parole officer came to take him to jail for breaking parole. He served an entire 15 months. Right before he was to be released the cops questioned him about the shooting at the motel. Donald did not say anything. The day he finally was allowed to go home, the policemen arrested him and charged him for the crime of murdering the motel manager. He and another boy were charged. A drug dealer gave the D.A. Donald’s name in order to get out of being charged for bomb manufacturing.

During the trial numerous problems arose. At first they were told the trial wouldn’t be held due to “possible bias.” When the family of the manager came forth with the murder weapon, the courts refused their help. They disclaimed their statements because they were “trying to mislead the investigators.” One person on the witness stand, who was in the room at the time the manager was shot, was asked to tell the court if the shooters were either of the two boys being charged. She said she “didn’t know them,” and that the shooters were two light-skinned African Americans. Probably the same two boys who had been threatening the manager of the hotel earlier the day of the shooting and scared away the maid on duty.

Then things became outright unbelievable. One of the jurors was being harassed so much that she became very upset in court during the trial and said she “would rather go to jail than finish out as a juror.” Soon after two more jurors refused to finish for unknown reasons. Here’s where it becomes downright wrong. One of the replacement jurors was the aunt of the victim. When she was selected as juror she sated that she did not know the victim, but the truth was later brought to light. The police department refused to remove the aunt off the jury. They said, “it will be OK.”

Over fourteen of Donald’s rights, according to the local laws, were broken and tossed aside. He did not receive a fair trial. He was clearly guilty until proven innocent, and no one made the attempt to find him innocent. His sentence is to serve 25 years or for the rest of his life.


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