Multiple reasons for being against the Death Penalty

Firstly the law itself states that Homicide is illegal - so it's okay for them to do so?  They seem to think so because executees Death Certificates state final cause of death as Legal Homicide - the ones I've seen anyway.

Morally wrong - look at Texas and some of the "Bible Belt" states.  God is merciful - they believe that when it suits them.  Go to church on Sunday and ask forgiveness for your sins - then when you believe you're redeemed go petition outside a prison on a pro death protest?  Wave a placard saying "Die, Scum" and bay for blood?  See something hypocritical here?

Chances of executing an innocent - figures recently seen show that the figure is way too high - for every 7/8 executed, 1 is found innocent.

Cost to the American Taxpayer of Death Penalty Appeals.

The damage and devastation caused on the executee's family.

Process is too lengthy and long drawn out for the victim's families and doesn't grant them closure.  Some may feel that way, granted.  It's down to the individual, but have heard very few say that it afforded them any satisfaction.  You can't bring the dead back.  And the ones who have had someone executed in their family members name and then find out that person was innocent - how do you think that leaves them feeling?  Look up Mark Fowler Oklahoma and read that families tragic history.

They try to tell you Lethal Injection is humane and they don't get it wrong - rubbish.  I personally know an investigator who agreed to be there for an Executee as he didn't have family and they'd become friends while she was working on his case.  Had to inject him twice and it's not a thing she ever wants to see again, she suffered nightmares and severe emotional stress from the experience.  

Used too much as a political tool or even in some cases as a profit gain reason.

Am pretty sure you are going to be inundated with reasons.  Over here in the UK we admit we made some terrible mistakes - so despite public outrage when a terrible crime has been committed - it's never going to be brought back here.  Our method was hanging - two of our final victims were a woman who deserved more help and compassion than punishment and a mentally impaired man.  We hang our heads in shame whenever the names Derek Bentley and Ruth Ellis are mentioned - and so we should do.  The woman left behind two young children - she was a single mother.  They reached adulthood but the son committed suicide and the daughter died from cancer - possibly stress induced?  Don't know - it's just a theory on a few people's part.

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