Death Row Inmates

Many of these inmates are innocent. The ones who may be innocent are marked as innocent on Death Row and/or with PI.

Brian Kinder.  Innocent MO Death Row PI
Christopher Coleman  Innocent TX Death Row PI
Darlie Routier.   Innocent on TX death row PI
Eddie Romero  Innocent man on Death Row PA PI
Hank Skinner  Innocent on TX Death Row PI
Ish’od Gi’hon  Innocent on Death Row FL PI
James Broadnax - Texas Death Row PI
James Phillip Anderson  Death Row CA PI
Jarvis Jay Masters PI
Jermont Cox  Death Row PA Innocent PI
John A. Bertsch - Death Row Blues
John Wade Adams. Innocent on TX death row
Kenneth Foster  Inocent on TX death row Granted Clemancy in 2007.
Kenny Richey is the Innocent Scot on Ohio's Death Row. Convicted of a crime that never happened.  Conviction reversed and he is free. 
Martin A Drauhon. Off Death Row and on parole
Marvin Gabrion  Innocent on Death Row (Federal IN)  MI case
Max Soffar.  Conviction thrown out.
Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl   Innocent on Death Row  IN  (He may be exonerated soon)
Ralph Stokes- An innocent man who has been on death row for over 21 years  PA
Reginald Sinclair Lewis - Author   Innocent on Death Row PA
Siddique Abdullah Hasan  Innocent on Death Row OH
Terrance Bowman-Taylor  Innocent on Death Row NC
Timothy Rice  Framed on Death Row PA
William Greg Thomas Innocent FL Death Row

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