In Memory of

Hasan Baz'il Shakur

Murdered by the Good Old Boys of Texas 8/31/2006



In 2002 I wrote a letter to Hasan.  He answered and I was impressed by this young manís intelligence and wisdom.  I feel that a great man was murdered by the State of Texas on August 31, 2006.  He was only 29.

I had lost contact with the prisoners on the website for the last 3 years because of my health problems.  Recently I got back into the fight for Justice.  A few days ago I found that Hasan was murdered. Yes, I said murdered.  Capital punishment is murder by government.  For those of you who believe in the 10 Commandments, how can you agree with capital punishment?  Does the commandment say though shalt not kill unless you are the government?  No it doesnít exempt the government.  I hear people say an eye for an eye__________a life for a life.  The Ten Commandments supersedes that idea.

I'm willing to bet that over 15% of those executed are innocent.  I am sure that Hasan was. 

For those of you who are for the death penalty it is normally for revenge.  Stop and think.  What can be worst than death?  Life in prison.  Serial killers, rapist and pedophiles can look forward to a living hell until they are killed by another prisoner.

Hasan was a good man wrongfully accused, convicted and executed. 

This is a part of his letter to me in 2002.

I have been incarcerated for 5 years on this case.  I am only 25 years of age and have been doing this for a few years but took it seriously and took mown direction just a year ago.  I just got tired of people complaining button even attempting to offer any avenue of solution! Why complain if you choose not doing anything?  My motto: Do something or shut up!  That is my motto and basically I stick to it.  In this situation it is that I am in, it is very hard to do certain things without being taken as a militant of anti-American of something of that nature.  I am African, Muslim, Young and look like the late Tupac!  I suppose to not be of conscious mind like I am but I refuse to be stereotyped into this or that category at all.  I come from a hard background and have had my share of loss.

Hasan is not dead, only his body is dead.  His soul lives on and I am sure he is helping those who met his fate.  He is free.

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