More Thoughts on the Death Penalty

I keep thinking every single day about the people on death row and how each side have merit point of views but no one is talking or taking a side about the absurd sentence that judges hand out. They give people time in prison that might as well equal to being on death row because you will never be able to complete all the sentence before you eventually die trying. This is my argument, this is my fight this needs to be address. Some thing needs to be done about having the sentence fit the crime. Some thing needs to be done about giving some one 30,40,50, 60,100 years and they have no way of regaining their life back even if they are young enough to complete the sentence how productive can they be when they get out? What kind of life will they really have? What is the country really made of or build on? Some thing needs to be done but what? How can we make changes when no one is really listening to any of us! Just my thoughts on this!

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