Death In Prison

The people of this country do not realize how bad the prison system is.  The look at movies like the Shawshank Redemption and think that is the way it was.

An inmate who has been in the system for over 40 years told me that it has been getting worse over those 40 years.  Yes it is worse than the Shawshank Redemption shows.

Those who survive and get out on parole in most cases are not ready for the outside world because prison makes most worse than when they came in. 

The lucky ones overcome and in spite of the system come out ready to help others or at least help themselves.

Prison is not punishment but a get even system and/or a warehouse system.  The prison is supposed to protect society from predators by rehabilitation and giving them the means to survive in society without harming society.  It is supposed to make them an asset instead of a liability.

Instead it beats them down and in many cases kills them.  The only way to survive is to be invisible.  Keep your mouth shut.  Choose friends carefully. Show others that you are not to be messed with.  DO NOT GET INVOLVED.

If you are weak you have little or no chance to survive.  Even if you do make it through the system you will come out a beaten person.  To many suicide is the only way to survive.

We must fight the injustice system.  No criminal deserves what the system hands them.

Life in prison is bad enough.  If you become ill it is even worse.

Medical malpractice in prison  along with neglect and mistreatment of prisoners who have illnesses and injuries are not only common but is probably the rule. Many prisoners die because of the neglect, mistreatment and malpractice.  

Many prisoners are murdered by other prisoners, guards or both.

This section of The Injustice System is dedicated to those who have died in prison due to murder, malpractice, neglect and mistreatment and also to those who were neglected and mistreated while they were dying.

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