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David Lee and Jesse Lee Hills

My name is David Lee Hills, as you know by now.  My wife Donna has told you about what the state of Virginia.   I am at Fairfax County Detention Center in Fairfax, Virginia.  I want to tell you a little about my family to start.  

My forefather came here in 1632, his name was Joseph E Hills, he came from Malden, England and landed in Massachusetts where he founded his own town and called it Malden Massachusetts and is still there, so is the church.  He wrote the first written law of this county and was one of the first speakers of the house and one of my forefathers was one of the only commission officers on the battlefield of Lexington by Washington himself.  

We have served this county since all the way up to my father and me.  My father was in Vietnam and I was in Desert Storm.  I served in the US army for 10 years.  I was in the United States Presidential 3 US INF Old Guard.  But my wife has sent you all that.   

I used to think that you are innocent until proven guilty.   But now you are guilty until proven innocent.  I used to believe in my country not so anymore for example you should see what they feed is here in ADC.   Just last week for six days all I got was one or two Hotdogs and some peas or greens or what I call grass on a hamburger patty.  

They make us sit on the floor and have us out of our cells and there are ten of us in this block but were made for four people.  The block is 8 ft by 40 and we have to eat, shit and piss all in the same place.  I thought I live in the USA not the USSR.  

If you asked me to fight for my country I think I would tell you to go jump off a cliff.  The things they do to keep us in line, they should be in jail.  So now they say I have to spend 6 years in here and I may not make it because of my heart.  

The doctor told me that I will need a new heart in about 5 years.  So you see they should have just given me life.  I have so many medical problems, like my hip, pelvis.  My wife can tell and show you all that stuff.  

Well, that’s it for now.  I never done anything like this before so if you will help me and just tell me some of the stuff you want to here I will tell you all about it.  Thank you for your time it helps to know there are people out there that will listen.

Thank you

David L Hills

© Copyright 2003 David L Hills

David Hills is no longer in prison.

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