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Railroaded in Texas

An urgent legal matter

We shall begin with the important fact of an unjust and wrongful conviction.  What am I guilty of?  Read these words and you judge…

When I was staying in a town in East Texas, I became well acquainted with various families.  I was among them in 1984-1985.  Within these families were young adolescents, mostly males.  Their age group? 12 years to 16 years.  I was soon to learn and observe these youngsters, especially those whom I was most fond of, they were involved in drug abuse.  By putting facts and scenes together, out came the fact that those teens were trading sexual favors for drugs, money and other types of pay.  At that time I was known across the nation and Dino Dion, “The King of Kids”.

This (and this line is not legible) for doing abuse among youth and child exploitation.  Many knew my stark fear was that I’d contact C.P.S. and other authorities (sentence doesn’t make sense). Therefore, to have freedom to use these youngsters for bisexual “stud service”, how to accomplish this goal?  Removed their “champion” by setting me up with a crime.  This was done.  Next, I was given a court-appointed attorney, who I later learned was “not” legally certified in criminal law.  He was a probate lawyer.

The indictment had words that differed from the statement of victim and the name of the alleged victim was an assumed name not an AKA.  How better to downgrade the character of the King of Kids is to accuse him of a sex crime with an adolescent?  The pretrial publicity caused great prejudice.  My defense counsel did not attempt a change of venue, thus a conviction was obtained under a known case of prejudice.

For those of you with the basic legal knowledge, how many Constitutional violations do you note just in what I have said thus far?  You can clearly see that when the attorney was appointed April 2, 1985, then and there the judge violated the law knowing said counsel was not a criminal lawyer and not qualified.  I was not the one who signed a plea bargain, I wasn’t even present.  Another factor, my own son, an ADHD, blonde-haired, green-eyed 12 yr. old, was included in the “child sex ring”.  They disappeared with my son in 1985.

When I filed my first writ of state habeas back in 1991, I used outstanding claims: (1) in effect assistance that defense counsel played a role in obtaining an unlawful conviction and (2) prosecution misconduct; faulty indictment and vindictive prosecution.  The writ was defeated because the trial judge would not appoint an appellate attorney.  I was to learn that the trial judge at that time was a co-member of a sports club that my defense counsel belongs to.  At the same time, by not bringing to an end of egregious case of manifest injustice. Committed judicial obstruction of justice.

What about my federal writ filed in 1983?  Dismissed in April 1994.  The same defense counsel of record is registered to practice his specialty at the U. S. District Court Eastern District of Texas.  Again, federal, judicial bias was shown and every writ was dismissed with prejudice.  The justices at that U.S. court, also co-members of the aforementioned sports club.  Once again, at the federal level judicial bias disallowed the setting aside of an unconstitutional conviction, thus being guilty also of judicial obstruction of justice.  Violations of judicial oath of office; violation of U.S. codes, U.S. federal rules, Crime? P, plus others.

Wherefore this legal portion of my web page, monetary rewards come from (1) states’ compensation can amount to over $250,000 (2) a federal lawsuit where the statute of limitations have been waived to the amount of $1.5 million dollars (3) lawsuits against defense counsel and office of DA (4) case vs. U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas.  

Want to get involved and help?  I have already served 18 calendar years.  Write me at the address below, if you want to donate to a legal fund to help with expenses write and I’ll tell you how.  Finally…

“Special friends” is a program I founded in honor of my special needs son Billy.  I write out letters to help set up parole plans for those inmates who have a severe mental disorder where they cannot express their needs on paper.  I do this so they won’t forget to set up SSI, food stamps, etc.  It makes re-entry back into the community a little easier.  For those of you with similar interests and have a way to help let me know.  I am in need of all types of support.  In closing, I am a member in good standing with Kaires? Prison ministry.

Also, if you are gay or bisexual, and have concerns about what type of offense I was convicted of, you are most welcome to write as well.  I can receive pictures if they are not nude or sexually graphic.  I don’t have access to email sorry.  

God bless.  Write me at:

Darryl Buckingham #400408        DOB October 4, 1953
Special Friends, Inc.            Parole date: 3-5-05
@ 3001 S. Emily Drive        Projected release: 3-5-09
Deeville, TX 78102

Web page: www.buckinghamspecialfriends.com
This is a most unusual yet unique website.  

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