Daniel J. Grayline


I was involved with a girl for several years. She had three kids. Two boys and one girl named Shanna Scates. Her 
mother and I tried for one last effort to get our relationship back on track on July 4th weekend 1993. We all went 
camping at Beaver Lake. This effort was wasted.  Shanna gave me some pictures of her mother doing acts of bestiality 
and told me that she had seen these acts herself so I broke it off and went on. In June of 1994, some pictures of 
Shanna, posing nude, were found on a back road in Decatur, Arkansas. When questions, she told police that I had taken 
the photos and that was all. 
Of course, after several statements, her statement changed. She said that I had raped her. I was arrested in June 1994, 
in Benton County, Bentonville, Arkansas. At the time, I was living in Missouri, so Benton County combined with 
McDonald County, searched my home looking for photos, etc. At that time, no photos were found. Later, my 
ex-wife, Marilyn, called police and turned over to them several negatives that she says she found at my residence. My 
house had been broken into several times just prior to this and reports were made of stolen property. 
I went to trial on August 8, 1995, and got a life sentence for rape, and ten years for possession of sexually explicit 
photos. Shanna Scates moved to Gravetle, Arkansas, shortly after several rape charges were filed from girls of the 
area. School friends. John Gregory of Gravetle was charged with rape and was sent to see Lori Kitterman. Ms. Kitterman 
is a lawyer from the Little Rock area. She used to be the assistant prosecuting attorney at Benton County. She told 
Mr. Gregory that she was fired from that job after she refused to finish my trial. She knew evidence had been made 
up and claimed I was being railroaded.  She suggested that I write to the doctor and see what they had to say. The 
doctor’s report stated that Shanna's hymen was intact. This doctor also claims that they felt that Shanna was lying.  
The prosecutor was informed of this but told the doctor to only answer questions asked and not to reveal extra 
Lori Kitterman, Dr. Dorothy LeBeauf, and John Gregory, have all written statements on my behalf. I just have to get 
into court. Brad Butler, prosecuting attorney for Benton County, has recently been discharged for sexual misconduct. I 
have no knowledge of when or where the photographs of Shanna were taken. I certainly didn't take them. I never had 
sex of any fashion with her. Most of all, it took me by complete surprise. 
I relied upon my attorneys' knowledge to get me through. Obviously, that was no good. I've exhausted all my state 
remedies. My next step is on the federal level. I need help getting all this information together and in the right place. I 
really don't know what my next step is on the legal level. As the case gets older, everyone moves on and gets harder to 
get a hold of. 
The prosecutor got the girl to tell a story that he could use to get a conviction. The truth had nothing to do with it. 
Hopefully, you can help me straighten this out. Please let me know if more information is needed.
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