Fatally Flawed Prosecution

Clinton Teasley


I was arrested on false charges for crimes I did not commit.I never plead guilty to a crime.I filed an appeal and was denied.


I went back to court years later and they tried to make me plead guilty.I did not and will not.


To this day, ten years later, I still reside in prison and am not guilty of the alleged crimes. I am Bipolar (Manic Depressive).


I was taking legally prescribed drugs for my illness, Lithium, Prozac, Valium and Ritalin.I was also drinking at the time.Iíve been treated for mental illness for a number of years.


I feel that the court was unfair, vindictive and unjust.My illness was a big factor in the prejudice displayed by my attorney, the District Attorney and the presiding judge.Iím sure that my constitutional rights were violated due to my illness.†† I thought that as Americans, ďdisabled citizensĒ retained certain rights by law.


To this day I still do not understand why I am in prison.Iím guilty of one thing, believing that the justice system was fair and that I would eventually be set free.


I was threatened repeatedly by the District Attorney and my attorney to accept a plea bargain, it was unreal. I could not hold up to the stress involved and took what seemed at the time to be the easy way out for me.I trusted my attorney and he had me plead guilty!I am still confused and do not understand my Rights.


Did my attorney have the right to do this considering my mental state of mind and the prescription medication I was taking at the time?Was it legally and morally wrong?My attorney knew of my mental condition and chose to abuse my rights and ignore the law.Ineffective assistance of the trial counsel advice helped to railroad me into prison.I can not receive equal justice from the courts in Alabama.


Case law reports, United States vs. Scott, F.2nd.623 (5th Cir1981), ďA conviction on a guilty plea that is solely as a result of faulty legal advice is a miscarriage of justice.ĒWhat does this mean?Do Alabama courts have to abide by the US law?


Iím seeking relief in the way of good legal advice and in the form of a legal petition.Iím hoping that if I tell my story on the World Wide Web that I can obtain the much needed legal counsel and force the local courts into doing the right thing.


Twenty years is a long time for an innocent man to have to spend in prison.Ten years has already been a night mare.My health is failing to a degree that prohibits me from normal daily routines.††† I have filed several rule 32s in state court to no success.Now they are deemed to be excessive.


Iíve been an easy target for extortion and have had several people pretend to help me in order to obtain money, all of them at costÖMy Freedom.I understand how extensive the World Wide Web services are and this could possibly be my last attempt for justice and relief.I hope that someone with the knowledge and expertise will get in touch with me at the address at the end of this letter.


My lawyer fraudulently represented me pleading me guilty and a mental evaluation was never mentioned or an expert witness called to affirm and verify my competence.


I plead not guilty, not guilty by mental disease or defect.At the plea hearing, I did not plead guilty!The judge did not take my plea.He said, ďIím not taking your plea, youíre free to go, Iím not taking his plea.ĒThen my lawyer pleads me guilty.Alabama law states that only the defendant can plead guilty or not guilty.


My family stands beside me ready ad available to help me financially and emotionally.I pray that someone will read this and find it in their heart to be a ďSaving GraceĒ within my life.May the Good Lord Bless and guide your decision daily and may the justice system in America work for you.




Clinton Teasley


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