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Thisis where Chris lives.  JCCC in Jefferson City, MO

The founder of this web page is Christopher Dunn whois serving a life sentence in Jefferson City, MO.  Iremember riding by a prison there when I was a kid.  I rememberhigh walls and that is about all.  I knew it was a prison and Iknew I did not want to go inside.  The following is an excerptfrom Chris's last letter to me.  After reading it I decided toset up this site for him.

When the justice fails the innocent

be willing to stand and defend them.

 On May 18, 1990 my whole life changed.  It was thebeginning of the end, the death of my birth, that’s what itseemed like.

On May 18, 1990 at 12:00 moving into the midnighthours three young  African Americans were sitting outside on thefront of a friends home waiting on their other associates not knowingwhat was waiting for them just moments later that would change ourlives forever.

From the account of the witnesses, one claimedthat I approached them from the gangway standing between two homes,hiding in the shadows, with what appeared to be a gun in my hand. Hestated that he did not pay it any mind and didn’t tell any ofhis friends what he saw and continued to talk.   He thenheard a single gun shot, ducked to prevent the bullet from strikinghim; it missed his head by an inch.  He saw the muzzle flashfrom the gun, then looked around and heard two more gun shots antthat is when they started to run eastward.  One is shot andfalls, a second young man falls and pretended to be dead, the thirdcontinued to run east as he stated while shots were still being firedat him.

Demorris continued to run until he was out of site. Michael stated that while he pretended to be dead he had anopportunity to look up and claimed to have seen me standing in frontof the house shooting.  This was the first time he had thechance to realize that anyone was there other than him and his twofriends.  Ricco died from his injuries, one gunshot wound to thehead.

At 2:00 AM the police arrived to my mother’s hometo arrest me but not without a fight or questioning them why. The house was surrounded by every police on the St. Louis force, likeI was related to Osoma Bin Laden of some terrorist sleeping cell.  I wasn’t coming out into that mess without knowing for what. The next morning a few calls were made, trying to find out anythingabout the shooting that night before.  I’ve been known asTRAP since I was a tot, living up to my name.
Well I waslater arrested, booked and charged with the murder of Ricco.  Ijust didn’t know what to do.  I placed my faith and fatein God and allowed the public defenders office to represent me duringmy trial, a big mistake.  Jan Good, my trial attorney never didany investigating nor tried to gather information.  Steve Omarh,the states prosecutor, knew as well that I didn’t commit thiscrime especially with two misleading statements of his so called eyewitnesses. 

I lived a normal life, never used drugs, nogang affiliation and never drank alcohol. I was four months from mytwelfth grade graduation.  I had my own place and a nice car. I worked at Flyers Piping Company, where we produced PVC tubing andother products.  I had a young lady in my life with whom fromthe fourth grade to the second year after my arrest we were a coupleeven though she cheated on me and had some other guy child.  

I found out that I was on the phone with her while she was inthe hospital during the time of the crime.  Did the attorneycheck into this?   NO.  Did she question thewitnesses’ credibility or accounts of the crime?  NO.  She didn’t point out that one witness claimed I waswearing sunglasses while the other said I had on only a hat. What about the different locations the put me in during the crime? Why didn’t she question them as to why did they wait untilafter the first shot was fired?  Why didn’t she point outthat the witness claimed I was 13 to 15 feet away from them whenfiring the shots but when asked on the tape recording if he knewwhere the shots were coming from he stated NO?  

Why didn’t she point out that the other witnesses didnot see the muzzle flash that Demorris claimed to see?  Why didn’t the taped statement come up during the trial? Why didn’t she question the medical report which states thatthe entry wound was back to front, left to right showing who evershot the victim was firing from the left side not the right as theyclaimed I stood?  Because the prosecutor and my trail attorneyprepared to railroad me and send me up the tracks.  Now he is ajudge and she is representing death row inmates.

The St. Louispolice knew this case had some questionable accounts but they care? NO.  So here I sit with a life + sentence.  13 ½years of my life wasted, gone, never to return, lost into the pastthat has forgotten me. This is my over link to the outsidecommunity but here I sit behind this wall that’s been standingfor over 164 years.  If I was on death row, either I would havebeen given a new trial or I‘d been executed for a crime I havenever done.

I was only 18, born December 12, 1971 who cares? Whatever happened to justice and those who truly found concern in theactual innocence of people like me? I never became a father. I neverhad a chance when I walked into the court room.  I tried to takemy own life twice, because I thought death had to be better thanthis.  It didn’t work; God had a plan for me.  In ashort time I a ministry, a pen pal organization and I’ve metsome beautiful people during my journey.  Beth and Jesse, Kiraand John, Lorna and Mary, Collette and the boys you’re what Icontinue to fight and live for, you give me the strength I need andGod provides me with the will to never give up on my dreams.

Don’tsay that there is justice in a blind eye system.  Don’thate your enemy, thank them and smile.  Do I hate the system youmay ask?  No, I don’t.  I just want a chance to provemy innocence.  I want what they wrongfully took from me. MY FREEDOM.  How would you feel?  Be careful and watchful,be alert and stay focused because the minute you slip the cuffs willcatch a grip and you’re bound to take a long-longtrip.

L.A.S.T.C.H.A.N.C.E. is a starting point for those whothought it was the end; we want to provide an alternative toprisons.  We want to provide you with an ear and a helping handshould you fall.  I’ve fallen and even though I thought itwas the end, I reached up to the hands that were extended out towardsme cared at first but willing to accept a friend, Mrs.
RosemaryDunn, my mother and father Beth and Jesse Michael, My aunt Lorna andBuddy,  My uncle John and Lee W.G., my sisters Kira and Arnetta,Mary and Gary Miff, John K. and countless others who called out to mefrom the ashes of hell to the clouds of heaven I soared with thegreat spiritual aid of my  FAMILY.

I know and understand, I’ve been there where most ofyou are heading and you will eventually go and like myself you toowill cry out in pain, praying for the burning sensation to stop, thispain caused by doubt, hurt, rejection and family frustrations, thispain is bitterness, it’s blinding fire will distract yourreasonable and conscious thinking, this pain is the frustration fromfinancial problems, physical abuse by family or a love interest or itcould be a fear of a particular individual.  Trust me, I’vebeen there and I know the pain.  I ask you all, let’stalk, let’s communicate and build our self esteem and personalgrowth to a more profound and spiritual level.  Maya Angelouonce wrote a poem call “StillI Rise” .  We all can rise too but let’s do thistogether, as a FAMILY; it’s our LAST CHANCE to make adifference in out lives.

I can recall a old man sent me notlong ago, a cool hip talking old man that I took a personal liking tobecause he came with a real and sincere interest in not only me butin all that would be of God’s children.  He didn’tcome with any lie or con.  He came as himself.  This manwho wanted to so much to be a light in the darkness of many peoplelives.  I didn’t think there were people out there likehim but he proved me wrong.  Lee W.G., I wish to thank you firstfor being all you can be.



IF you are a troubled youth and are mad at theworld, write Chris and let him know how you feel. He is where you maybe on your way to.  Chris was sentenced to life in prison for amurder he did not commit.  This could happen to you.  Ifyou are doing the crime can you do the time?  Chris wants tohelp you.  He is on your side.  I am on your side.

Christopher Dunn 181654
South Central C.C.
255 W. Hwy. 32
Licking, MO 65542

© Copyright 2002 Christopher Dunn

This site is going to haveChris and other prisoners contributing reality to those of you whoneed a dose of reality to wake up and change your path before you endup in prison.  The following link is to Chris's The InjusticeSystem pages which have links to his other sites.  You may alsowant to explore the Injustice System site while you are there.

Ifyou are a former inmate and would like to help young people beforethey end up in prison. Please e-mail your story or comments to mewith lastchance on the subject line.  I will add a page withyour story.  

If you have come to this page for help weare here for you.  Chris's address is above.  If you wishto contact the other contributors e-mail us and I will forward youre-mail to them.  I will e-mail their answer to you.  Puttheir name on the subject line.


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