Christopher B. Dunn

Innocentand Sentenced to Life In Prison

I had seenChris's web site that his mother set up and I decided that I wantedto check him out. Before doing anything I got an e-mail from hismother asking me to look into his case for my book.   In readingher e-mail I realized that it was not a mother that felt her son wasinnocent because he was her son but a mother who knew her son wasinnocent  because the evidence says he is innocent. 

Here ishis letter to me and his plea for help.  After reading hisletter I think you will feel this kid may be innocent.  I have alink at the end to his sight and if you go there you will probablyagree with me.

Dear Mr. Gaylord

Hello and greetings andmay God bless you and keep you safe and continue to use you in HisServices.

Sir I just received your letter and I thank you fortaking out the time to sit and write me and inform me of your workand proposed future project and I would love to be able to assist youin any information that you seek to insure the manuscript of yourbook is properly a clear representation of the life some of us areforced to live within these facilities, but please bear with me after12 years, entering at the tender age of 18, I think all I would haveto share would be gruesome and explicit but true to the nature of myexperience while being incarcerated.

Mr. Gaylord, most inmateswill tell you just one side of the story and that's ,theirs however Iwill not sit here and discredit all of the guards that I've metbecause all of them are not bad or dog like, they have a job just asthe same as the police officers in society but when respect is shownthe respect is given.

The Crazy old white man from the hood? ...Okay... You sound sincere and real and that I like in allpeople, a true sense of humor.  You  wrote a book about thestreets?  A book that speaks the truth about the streets and theills of all it's even the unsaid about the hidden objectives of thebeast? When did you write this book?  You are right, there is anininvisible underworld right before us but many are so blind ofdumfounded or brain washed to the point that they either see it butrefuse to acknowledge it aloud.  Self denial is our secondgreatest enemy next to our own ignorance in failing to want to grasphold to a book or educate ourselves.

The Castle of Hope ForLost Souls.  This sounds interesting.  I wanted to formsuch a group also under the name of  L.A.S.T. C.H.A.N.C.E. eachletter is an abbreviation.  I wanted to speak to troubledyouths, drug addicts, ex-cons and abusive spouses.  I have aneed to help the youth before they eventually become a resident herewithin these facilities.  I want to educate the public about theyouths and how to deal with them before it becomes a problem that thecommunity fears and have to deal with.  Lack of communicationand miseducation from school boards and police training set the wrongground work for a troubled street and honestly believe this, there'sno doctor of scholar out there anywhere who could tell me or anyoneelse about the mind of a criminal, convict or criminal profilerunless they have either done a crime of have been forced to live alife as I have.

You mentioned you're researching for your newbook, Prison - a place you don't want to go.  It is going totell stories on some who you feel are innocent and are in prison. That's beautiful and I would love to support and ne a part ofthis.  If you would only allow me to prove to you first that allI say is true and I have documentary facts to support my claim ofactual innocence.  I ask that you only give me a chance.  Ihave nothing to hide or lie about and sir you will see that if yougive me a chance. 

You're on a low budget ($0.00).  Youare funny and I like that.  Thanks for uplifting my spirittoday.  My mom e-mailed you  concerning my case but youwere already considering looking into my case when she e-mailed you. Wow!  Yes Mama is a sweet little old lady and I'm blessed,she has jokes too, for an old person that is.. (Lee's comment - Hemust not realize that I am probably older than his mother.)  

Ijust wish the courts or the media would take the time out to reopenmy case for an investigation in the conduct of the police officer andfor failing to properly evaluate all of the facts in this case.  Ionly ask that they question the trial lawyer  for her failure toinvestigate my case and all of the evidence.  I ask that thetrial prosecutor be questioned to why he fabricated a case againstme.  Mr. Gaylord , only if you knew what all of the evidence allof the evidence I had that could prove my innocence and I am sure mytrial lawyer knew it too but failed to utilize it.

You askedme to send you my story.  Tell me what all you need and I'llforward it to you sir.  Tell me exactly what you need for yourresearch for the story and I will be more than happy to send it allto you.

Well sir, I hope to hear from you soon and please notethat many guys will lie about their crimes, but in my case I canprove it to you that I did I'm actually innocent.  Lee I was 12years old when I saw a murder take place and I mean it effected medeeply because the police locked a man up who did not do it and hewas sentenced to 2 counts of murder and life for each.  I vowed I would never be placed in a position like him and boom here Iam.  He was actually innocent and I wanted to help him but whocared he was innocent?  Not the judge, the police or prosecutorsor his own lawyer.  Now this man died a year ago while inprison.  Now he is finally of free mind, body and spirit.

UntilI hear from you , please take car and thank you.


Kris Chris

(received 8/2/02) 

Excerpt fromletter received 10/11/02

I seem likea good man, Lee,  I was born to be just me, I don't look atmyself as a valuable or important being, I'm just human and a simpleman who experienced a little too much before my time.  But Ithank you for  your acknowledgment and it is warm to know thatsomeone has noticed me.  I want/no I need to help all of thosethat I can to stay out of this concrete living hell.  If anyonewishes to write me and talk to me about their problems and situation. I would love to be an ear to listen to them and hopefully be ofsome guidance in their lives.

I would loveto start L.A.S.T.C.H.A.N.C.E. (Let's All Save The Children, HumanityAnd Needle Creative Energy)  I feel that we all as a whole havea responsibility to insure that we extend our hands to the fallen andassist them up from the pitfalls in our society and even those whohave fallen victim to the ills of the ignorance that led them toprisons.  I strongly believe that if we continue to allow ourbrothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews togo through life without giving them the love, respect and familysupport  then we will have failed them and they will in turnseek this gift elsewhere which could lead to negative influences intheir lives.  I say humanity because we as a people, a nation ofgreat force that was created in the image of  God, the body ofthe world, we are human/a family unknown to each other, but if we allcould come together and share our problems and help build our livesand assist each other to rebuild theirs then we become a  FAMILY. I ask that we Needle creative energy like looking through  theeye of the needle we think it is easy to pin the thread but once wetry to achieve this feat we find that it is even more difficult thanit looks, so with a collective group of responsible supportive caringpeople who would take the time and be patient we could achieve thisfeat spear head/guide each other when the time arises . There's agreat deal of energy in each being, some have misdirected, some havebeen just held back and bottled up.  There are so many people inthis world that have many of the talents but failed to utilize thembecause that creative energy has been held back, some have beencriticized, humiliated, mentally abused and fear stricken that theytend to limit their growth and there's so many of  the lostsouls out there and in here that have a beautiful mind and heart butfear of being hurt, rejected or subjected to that familiar abuse thatthey've endured in the past that drove them to activate thatpsychological defense shield.

I've beenthrough a hell of a lot, Lee, in my lil short life and I'veexperienced so much that I could relate to the hidden pain andfrustrations of others.  That's why I don't believe in hittingfemales of children.  If only parents knew thatbeating/whooping/spanking their children would make the child becomein the future only if they understand the wounds that they inflictwill scar the child for life or many years to come and if they couldpeak into the future a lot of parents would wish they never have doneto their child what they had done to them by their parents.  

IF you are atroubled youth and are mad at the world, write Chris and let him knowhow you feel.  He is where you may be on your way to.  Chriswas sentenced to life in prison for a murder he did not commit.  Thiscould happen to you.  If you are doing the crime can you do thetime?  Chris wants to help you.  He is on your side.  Iam on your side.

Chris Dunn 181654
South Central C.C.
255 W. Hwy. 32

Licking, MO 65542


ChristopherDunn's appeal for help

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