The Choice is Yours Informer

To the Readers

"The Choice Is Yours Informer" is written by Joseph P. Payne, Sr., a prisoner with a life sentence in the VA prison system.  The purpose of this news letter is two fold: to let both young people and adults learn what prison is really like and to instill a sense of personal responsibility for choices.

Please feel free  to copy and distribute this material to interested parties or youth organizations.

For answers to questions, for information to help support this prisoner's efforts to reach juveniles and adults and give them pause to stop and consider the possible effects of their lifestyle and life choices, please contact:

Joseph P. Payne, Sr.  #127364
Keen Mountain Correctional Center
State Route 629
P. O. Box 860
Oakwood, VA 24631

Or in case of transfer to another prison:

Joseph P. Payne, Sr.
P.O. Box 1583
Cedar Bluff, VA 24609

Issue 1, Month of August, 2003

Issue 2, Month of September, 2003

Issue 3, Month of October, 2003

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