Brent Parris


The following is an e-mail to our AL coordinator.  The link below is to Brent’s site.


I have a son, Brent Parris, who was wrongfully convicted of attempted murder. Get this. He was sitting in his vehicle with his 10 week-old baby waiting for his girlfriend (mother of the baby) to come get in the Jeep.


A man named Randy told a jury in Etowah County at Gadsden that he just got to thinking, "I don't like the way he treats his girlfriend. (For some weekends he and Brent had been watching TV together and they never had a cross word.) "So I got up from my seat, walked through the house to my room, opened my knife drawer, selected the knife I wanted to use, opened it, and carried it down by my side as I walked up to the Jeep."


When he got there Brent rolled down the window to see what he wanted. Randy began stabbing him in the face and on the arm, while trying to kidnap the 10 week old baby. Brent remembered he had a small handgun and grabbed it and fired one shot to get Randy off him. Randy told the jury that, after being hit, he ran and dived between two cars in the yard in case Brent shot again.


Katie jumped into the Jeep and they fled the scene. Her brother ran out on the front and fired two shots into the Jeep from a SKS .762 high powered rifle. One shot went just under the baby, blowing the seat belt loose from the vehicle; the other shot hit the drive shaft and deflected downward. Had it gone upward, it would have killed Katie.

Officers arrived and filled out their reports (partially). [They never mentioned that Brent had been stabbed and had to go to the hospital.] They went to Randy and told him to go ahead and sign the warrant. Randy refused. He told them that he was the aggressor. He said that he was up there stabbing Brent and that Brent shot him and that was that. He refused to sign a warrant so his sister did.

Somehow the DA turned it around and said that Brent was the aggressor (for sitting quietly in his Jeep) and that Randy (who was unprovoked and was stabbing him) was the victim. That's the way it went to trial. To our surprise, the jury came back with a guilty verdict and Judge Rhea sentenced him to 35 years. He is in his 8th year and we feel that is far too much. We are trying desperately to find help. Do you know of anyone who can help in this situation? I would appreciate any information on where we might find assistance.

In the struggle,

Curtis Parris

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