The Injustice System

The Book


For the past years I have been working on a book called THE INJUSTICE SYSTEM.  It is my hope that the book will call attention to the web site.  It will tell the country that we have a problem and that there is an organization that is trying to do something about it.  There are other organizations that are involved in our fight.  It is my hope that we can all work together.  They will also be mentioned in the book. Anything you want to add to the book E-mail me


The Beginning

Change is Possible

Corrections Officers Speak

Corruption in the Justice System

Death in Prison

Excessive Sentencing

Fighting for Freedom and Humanity!  One staff member's story about conditions inside prison.

Frank Woodruff

Inmates are people too


Dr. Les Sachs – Escaped to Freedom In Europe

Lifers - should they be eligible for parole?

Loraine Sorreno

Loss of Job Leads to loss of life

Mexican Prisons

Multiple reasons for being against the Death Penalty by Debra

Poetry by Prison Wives

Prison Life

Prison officials are messing with the first amendment.

Reginald Blanton Innocent man murdered by Texas


Rights Denied in Adamsville  

Steven Redman

Supermax Prisons

The Death Penalty - Are you willing to die for something you did not do?

The Good Old Boys Network (and some of their possible victims)

The Innocent Protection Act, Is It Enough?

The Monster I Love -A Guide to communicating, supporting, accepting and unconditionally loving the prisoner in your life.

The Scott Sisters

Thoughts on the Death Penalty by LaTonya

Victims of Crime

Was an Innocent Person Executed

Who has the truth?

Women in Prison

Wrongfully Imprisoned Letter

More to come

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