Betty Jean Dennis



On January 11, 2006 Betty sent me a letter.I you can help her or know someone who can help her, please contact her.Items in italics are my comments.


To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Betty J. Dennis and I have been in the prison system for eleven years of my life.I am now almost seventy four years old and I have been having a problem finding help for myself.I was charged under and convicted of two homicides that I did not have any part of and nobody died in my case.Iím convicted of 750.316A for conspiracy to commit murder and 750.316A solicitation to commit murder. Also with 750.83 Assault with intent to commit murder.


My own daughter, Debra, has confessed to the lies she and her friends convicted me on.She set me up in this case thinking that they would never send an older woman to prison so I have now spent eleven years of my life in prison for something I did not do and was convicted of two different homicides that I didnít do.


I have also received from other women in here stating that I am an innocent woman who knew my case and the have all notarized statements in my behalf.I feel in my heart that a miracle will happen for me through the grace of God and all of his love and mercy that I will one day get the help I need to go home and have my life again with all of my family and loved ones.


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I pray that someone out there who are helping us seniors in a time of need.God will truly bless anyone who helps all of us seniors.Hoping to hear from you real soon.


In Christian Love


Miss Betty J Dennis


Betty Dennis #242239

Robert Scott Correctional Facility

47500 Five Mile Road

Plymouth, MI 48170