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Democracy Now! 1/7/2016

Fort Dix Five: Prosecuted by Christie, Muslim Brothers Get Rare Day in Court in FBI Entrapment Case

Democracy Now! 1/6/2016 Gitmo and other injustice

Executive Action: Bush Opened Guantánamo Without Congress, So Why Can’t Obama Close It?
Will U.S. Deport Kurdish Activist Ibrahim Parlak Back to Turkey Where He Was Jailed & Tortured?

A Most Unhappy New Year at Guantanamo

By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan

Democracy Now! 1/4/2016 Lori Berenson

Lori Berenson After Being Held 20 Years in Peru: "My Objectives Were to Achieve a More Just Society"

A Most Unhappy New Year at Guantanamo

By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan on 12/31/2015

Private Prison Exec Waves Off Criminal Justice Reform, Predicts More Profits

Written by Lee Fang. Published by The Intercept on December 22, 2015

A guard escorts an immigrant detainee from his “segregation cell” at the Adelanto Detention Facility in Adelanto, California. The ICE facility is managed by the Geo Group.

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From a first arrest to a life sentence

Clemency is the only way out for the thousands of nonviolent drug offenders serving life terms in federal prison
Published by The Washington Post. Story by Sari Horwitz Julie Tate contributed to this report.

Sharanda Jones — prisoner 33177-077

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A mother and daughter separated by a life sentence by thewashingtonpost

Interrogation Techniques, Mental Illness Are 2 Reasons Why People Falsely Confess To Crimes

Written by Ali Venosa. Published by Medical Daily on December 15, 2015

A variety of factors can wear down a person's brain and manipulate them into giving a false confession. Ben Jefferey (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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In interview son says put him in solitary, Siegelman says he was targeted for being George W. Bush's enemy

Written by Jeremy Gray/ Published by on December 11, 2015

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Don Siegelman isn’t just fighting for his freedom; he’s fighting or the integrity of  our democracy

Democracy Now! 12/1/2015 Lori Berenson

Lori Berenson Returning to the United States After 20 Years in Peru; Hear Rare 1999 Prison Interview

The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham - Part 1

by Eve Mykytyn - Dissident Voice, November 07, 2015 - Global Research, November 09, 2015

Dissident Voice

Global Research

The Extraordinary Trial of Arthur Topham - Part 2

by Eve Mykytyn - Dissident Voice, November 14, 2015

Dissident Voice

Who Gets a Public Defender?

In St. Louis, Missouri, an effort to manage enormous caseloads left hundreds of the city's poorest without a lawyer.
Written by STEVEN HSIEH. Published by Pacific Standard Magazine on NOV 18, 2015

The exterior of 22nd Circuit Court in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo: Paul Sableman/Flickr)

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No Man's Land: When Innocent Prisoners Are Released

By Karen Brown. November 8. 2015. NPR

Unlike prisoners who've served their sentences, prisoners who've been exonerated and released are not eligible for any re-entry programs from the state, and this is common across the country.

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Sotomayor Calls Out Supreme Court For Letting Cops Get Away With ‘Shoot First, Think Later’ Approach

Published by Counter Current News on November 9, 2015. Article by M. David; image by #Op309 Media

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The Dissenters

Analysis By Maurice Chammah, 11.06.2015 The Marshall Project

Not everybody is aboard the criminal justice reform bandwagon. Here’s why.

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What It's Like to Be a Teacher in Prison

November 2, 2015 By Anonymous for vicenews

Illustrations by Stephen Maurice Graham

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Censored UN paper calling for decriminalization marks beginning of the end of drug war as we knew it

A UN agency censored an official paper calling for drug use decriminalization. But its message is here to stay.
By DANIEL DENVIR, October 27, 2015, Salon

Soldiers stand guard next to bags of marijuana being displayed to the media at a military base on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico. (Credit: Reuters/Tomas Bravo)

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Imprisoned, flogged Saudi blogger Raif Badawi wins top EU rights prize

By Lorne Cook The Associated Press 10/29/2015

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Wife's protest at embassy in Vienna

Supporters of jailed Saudi blogger start foundation to promote free speech

Why the death penalty might come to an end

MPR newa staff, October 28, 2015

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How America Became the Most Imprisoned Nation in the World

October 2, 2015 by John Surico This article appears in VICE Magazine's October Prison Issue

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Rehabilitation, Spies, and Goals at Uganda's Lone Maximum Security Prison

October 23, 2015 by Ben Ferguson published by Vice UK

This article appears in VICE UK's October Prison Issue

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Chicago Cops Have “Disappeared” More than 7,000 People at Secret Interrogation Warehouse

October 20, 2015 (Article by Matt Agorist; from The Free Though Project)

Related Video

The Surprisingly Imperfect Science of DNA Testing

How a proven tool may be anything but.
Written by KATIE WORTH and produced by The Marshall Project in partnership with Fusion and FRONTLINE.

What about the human error or altering of the results?

Mark Zuckerberg: 'We Can't Jail Our Way To A Just Society'

The Facebook CEO joined calls for justice reform after a visit to San Quentin State Prison.
By Matt Ferner, National Reporter, The Huffington Post Posted: 10/14/2015

JUSTIN SULLIVAN VIA GETTY IMAGES - Visitors arrive at San Quentin State Prison to see inmates perform in a production of Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser on May 15, 2015. Inmates performed two Shakespeare plays, Macbeth and Julis Ceaser, after eight months of rehearsals.

The “Nelson Mandela Rules” call for better treatment of prisoners

By Joe McCarthy on Oct. 13, 2015 at Global Citizen

Pope Francis on Prison: 'I, Too, Could Be Here'

By Cara H. Drinan, Law Professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.; juvenile justice advocate.
Huffington Post – Crime 9/21/2015

Why It’s So Hard to Fire an Abusive Prison Guard

By TOM ROBBINS of The Marshall Project
Corrections officials say he injured an inmate and lied about it. He’s still a state employee. He’s more the rule than the exception.

The Ulster Correctional Facility, the medium-security prison in Napanoch, N.Y., where the episode involving Ramon Fabian and Michael Bukowski occurred. NATHANIEL BROOKS FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES

U.S. Prisons and Jails Are Threatening the Lives of Pregnant Women and Babies

In These Times By Victoria Law 9/28/2015
Our 6-month investigation reveals the horrific and shameful conditions facing pregnant prisoners—and the inhumane treatment they receive.

Prison: America’s Most Vile Export?

The Atlantic by BAZ DREISINGER on SEP 30, 2015
The U.S. incarceration problem is now the world’s to solve.

Uprising 9/25/2015 with Sonali Kolhatkar
On today's show we'll feature a one-hour special on women and mass incarceration. We'll hear from an academic, a judge, and a former cop. Dr. Carl Hart will explain how the war on drugs aimed at women and mothers is based on bad science. Judge Pamela Alexander will shed light on racist drug sentencing disparities. And Jack Cole, founding member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition will explain the role of police in the war on drugs.

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