Innocent Prisoners

A letter from Alden Redfield (Doc)

Dear Lee,

I was pleased  with your Castle of Hope for Lost Souls, especially when I found Eddie Greer and me mentioned.  Lee, we do appreciate prayers and encouragement.  The difference is that Eddie has finished 28 years (with 592 to go) and is innocent and I'm guilty (sentenced to 15 after being threatened with life and have finished 7 years.  I am now 62.)

Personally, I feel America would be a lot better off if some 20,000 men who can be treated and reformed (through Christ) then released.  Society spends $25,000 per year for each convict so some $500,000,000 could be saved without risk to the people. A few years in jail DOES get the point across. The next 10 - 100 years just wastes money for the first time offender.  But some do reoffend?  Yes, so professionals do need to examine each man.

In fact we see the "games playing" troublesone men getting out much faster than the "first timers" who never we in trouble before. The goal seems to be to let them commit more crimes so they can be given life sentences, without parole the next time.
Drug dealers who sell in prison are the guys I am thinking of.  THey brag about how they will be back in business making thousands of dollars a week as so as they get out.

Gee they are rearrested and the papers, politicians and public say, "Look, all convicts re-offend."

Would you like a list of other innocent men who should be released other than Eddie?  I've had to send most of my notes home but here are some who come to mind. (see list)

Can I prove they are innocent?  No.  DNA proved one was but the jury ignored it.  A doctor proved another one was but the sheriff had sold his 100 acre farm , house and museum so they convicted him anyway and never accounted for the money.  And so on.

Lawyers and detectives could do the job but not another prisoner.  Still I can send more details or locate numbers, etc.  The question is how to get people to care about the innocent or the wasted money involved.

I suggest a TV show "Free the Innocent" with profits form the advertisers and lawsuits going to help pay legal help to free the innocent.  Talk it up! What a reality show that would be.

Your friend in Christ.


Here is the list:

Eddie Greer (serving 620 years completed 28.)

Tito Rois (guilty of auto theft (5 years time) but convicted of shooting at an officer, finished 15 of 25)

Clayton Vaughn

Johnny Thomas  (Beaten into confessing but his boss and time clock say he was innocent.)

Michael Vickey

Ronnie Anderson

George Morgan (Trucker in AZ when the crime occurred in MO)

Paul Baumgardner

Johnnie Mitchell  ( Black but witness said the killer was white yet he has done 28 years so far)

Robert Craig

Joe Bostic

Paul Ferguson

Scott Carter  (couldn't prove where he was 33 days before.)

Alden is out of prison. I will try to contact him.

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