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Freed on August 27,2004

I am leaving the page up as a reminder that it happens

Alan and Fran Yurko

Letter 1

Dear Sir / Madame:

    Our baby was killed by a series of medical events initiated by a bad vaccine reaction (hot-lot) and ending with hospital overdoses of heparin and sodium bicarbonate. A cross contaminated autopsy and lack of thorough investigation cast the blame upon my husband Alan. He was wrongly convicted of 1st Degree Murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole plus ten years. I was falsely arrested and told by police authorities that if I did not help them corroborate evidence against Alan that I would never see out then 4 year old daughter again and  that I would be charged as an accessory. I adamantly refused to railroad an innocent man.

    As promised, I was charged and our daughter was placed in "extended custody" with the Department of Children and Families to "protect" her from Alan, who was ironically in maximum security isolation, and denied bail. My charges were dismissed but not before our daughter was sexually battered in State "'protective" custody. After her incident, she was allowed to live with our parents in their custody. It took two years of struggle to regain my parental rights/custody.

    Over the years, more than 300 doctors, experts, and medical professionals have helped us expose Alan's innocence and now we are back in court. We uncovered new evidence (not known in trial) through extraordinary means of diligence and perseverance. So called "missing" records were procured, thousands of hours of research was done, and expert reviews by dozens of court accepted and board certified experts took place.
    The case has regained national and international media attention and thousands of people have come to support us, the case and our project from all over the world. The enclosed complaints against prominent Orlando doctors have prompted multiple Department of Health investigations, and as well, document the overdose and autopsy tissues.  It. will shock you.
    We seek your professional and personal interest and offer the resource of our network and database. We have assisted over 70 families in similar straits and hope you will take interest. Please do call, email, or write us. We are confident that Alan's conviction will be overturned, however, that is only part of the battle, and the beginning of even more. We need your help. ,
Sincerely, .

Mr. & Mrs. Alan and Francine Yurko
The Yurko Project (YP) exhaustive detail, documentation, reports and data. Enc. data, media articles, complaints

Letter 2

    My son Alan was vaccinated despite several contra-indications. He was a premature baby weighing only 5 lb 9 oz at birth. My pregnancy was complicated with maternal gestational diabetes, and group B streptococcal infection (which in itself poses a high risk of infant death). Our son suffered in his short life from pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, and hyper-bilirubinemia. Despite all of this he was given a cocktail of vaccines at eight weeks of age.

    The day after he was vaccinated, our baby developed a fever and started to fuss. Ten days later he elicited a high pitched scream. We were told to expect this and not to worry. A couple of days later he stopped breathing. My husband rushed our baby to the hospital where he died 75 hours later after several severe iatrogenics took place (iatrogenic diseases are those caused by physicians).

Because we could not explain his injuries, and because my husband was the last adult alone with him, he was charged with
aggravated child abuse and first degree murder. We could not afford counsel; our lawyers were public defenders.

    If that wasn't enough, our four-year-old daughter was taken by the authorities to 'protect her' from my husband - the accused who was in a maximum security facility without bond. She was used by the police and authorities to threaten and blackmail me in attempt to get me to help them fabricate evidence and testify against my husband. I adamantly refused to do this. I was then charged as an accessory to murder and. our daughter was placed in extended custody. Here, she was sexually battered when her 'protectors' left her unsupervised with two boys who had a history of deviant behavior. My charges were dismissed after great effort and cost and our daughter was returned. We fight every day to bring our family together and have been fighting since 1997.

    After my husbands trial, we discovered that one of the vaccines given to our son - DTAP - was from a batch of vaccines that
stands as the number one ranking in deaths, the number one ranking in non-recoveries, and the fourth ranking in total events reported for all Connaught Labs DTAP vaccines between 1990-1999. DTAP 7H81507, which was given to my baby was a Hot Lot.

    My husband is serving a life sentence in Florida without the possibility of parole. He maintained his innocence throughout and
adamantly refused to plea bargain for a sentence that would have set him free by now. He did not kill our son. His death was the result of the medical treatment he received and a fatal reaction to his childhood immunizations.

Since his conviction, we have rallied the support of an armada of scientists, doctors, and organizations which support his
innocence. More recently, by independent record reviews by respected experts it has come to show that our baby was also massively overdosed on heparin (a blood thinner) at 8.8 times over the recommended limit every five hours. He was also given bicarbonate at Ph. Levels of 7.6 and 7.7 which is absolutely unheard of. Moreover, we've discovered that our son's autopsy report contains data and tissue examination/specimen from another case. We did not know this at trial as we didn't have the money to afford proper and extensive review.

    Doctors and scientists from more than 15 countries, including the US, have stood up to support us; some of these are listed
overleaf. We have numerous reports from experts whom after record review, have declared his innocence. Many are up in arms at the iatrogenic implications shown in the records. Many reports by independent scientists can be seen at The report by Drs Harold E Buttram and F Edward Yazbak represents nearly 2,000 hours of review and research of the case.

    Several organizations have started legal fund campaigns. The International Chiropractic Association's Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics has established a fund which will not only help us defray the phenomenal costs of justice, but will help others in similar straits. Other organizations such as PAVE (Parents Advocating Vaccine Edu), ICHF (Intntl Council For Health Freedom), CCMRF (Common Cause Medical Res. Fndtn), TIP (The Informed Parent-UK) and the United Kingdom's National Vaccine Information Center (VAN-UK) are helping us in an effort to raise funds as well.

    In addition, groups and organizations involved in health freedom and awareness are taking a stand to help us show this injustice and maybe prevent it from happening to others. There are many other families, like ours, whom are being destroyed.
We pray that you take interest and offer any assistance you can, whether it be professional or spiritual. This is not just about one family's injustice.  It is about hundreds of  families who have and will experience such tragedy.

In earnest

Francine Yurko, Family and Supporters


    We presently have over 500 supporters of which nearly 200 are doctors, scientists, health care professionals and experts as well as over 70 organizations on four continents that stand behind us. Below is a partial list:

Harold E Buttram MD, FAAEM...FEdward Yazbak, MD, FAAP...Jane M. Orient, MD, FACP (AAPS)...W Jean Dodds, DVM... Mary N. Megson, MD, FAAP...ProfC.Alan B.Clemetson, MD, FRSM, FACOG...Douglas R. Shanklin, MD, PhD, FRSM... Viera Scheibner, PhD...Harris Coulter, PhD...Susan Kreider, RN, CPC, CNOp...Archivides  Kalokerinos, MB, BS, Ph.D... Richard Moskowitz, MD...Horace B. Gardner, MD, JD...Catherine Diodati, MA...Mike Godfrey,MB.BS, FACAM, FACNEM...Jana Shiloh, MA, CCH...Michael Culbert, DSc, PhD, (NHF, ICHF)...Dawn Richardson, (pres. PROVE)...Jock Doubleday (NWNM Inc)... Magda Taylor (TIP)...Marvin E. Miller, MD, FAAP, FACMG...Rita Hoffman, (pres. Anaphylaxis Action)...Hilary Butler, (IAS)...L.David Mirkin,MD, FCAP, FAAP,FASCP...Colin Paterson, MA, MSc, DM, FRCP, FRCPath...Alan Scohy, MD... Philip Incao, MD...Kris Gaublomme, MD...Meryl Dorey, (pres. AVN)...Lisa Jillani, (pres. PAVE)...Judith Coates, DI hom...Gary Krasner, (CFIC)... Guylaine Lanctot, MD...Bernard Rimland, Ph.D...Walene James, (founder V ACLIB)...Edda West, (pres. VRAN)...Rebecca Carley, MD.. .Ingri Cassel, (pres. VacLib).. .Don Harkins, (ed. 10).. .Sherri Nakken, RN, MA.. .Maxine McMullen, DC, FICCP... Greg Wilson, BS.. .Molly Rangnath, (ed. ICA Rev).. .Gunner Oedum, MD... Tad Lonergan, MD.. .Roy B. Kupsinel, MD... Joanna Karpasea-Jones, (dir. VAN-UK)... Yoshinobu Horiuchi, MD, Ph.D, (NIID:-JP)...Dana Ullman, MPH, DHM...Patricia Kane MD... Tedd Koren, DC.. .Eva Snead, MD.. .Amnon Goldworth, Ph.D... William G. Kracht, DO, FAACP..Teddy H. Spence DDS, ND, D.Sc., Ph.D, NMD, MT...Barbara Mullarkey, (pres.IVAC) Barbara Kramer...Toni Blake, MA, JD...Kizzie Exum, JD...Lyn Thomson, BVSc, MRCVS...Warren Bruhl DC, DICCP...Grace Girdwain, (cons., auth)...Christine. Anderson, DC, DICCP... Peter Baratosy, MD...Richard Neubauer, MD...Anthony Penepent, MD, MPH... Anne Attivissimo, (pres. L.I.V.I.N.G)...Drs. Renee & Alan Foster, DC.. .Patrick Holdsworth, (VI/HA)...Maureen Hickman, (ACII,Carters Law Firm)...Sheri Tenpenny, DO...Melanie Melvin, Ph.D, Di Horn, FBIH...Michael Nield, (pres. CCMRF-UK)...Cyrus Wood-Thomas, DC, DNBHE, Dhom...Carey T.T. Ooi, MBBS, JP, GCAE, Dip Health Law...Anthony Cichoke, DC, Ph.D., DNBHE...Dr. Robert Murdoch...Avghi Constantinides, Dhom, MA, HMC...Anita Barrows, Ph.D, DIHom...Rachel Stafford MAsc (CRIM) LLB , MA...Leanne Wylet BA (PfAM)...Michael Innis, M.B. B.S. FRCPA, FRCPA, FRCPath, DTHM...Gernot Vielking DHM.. .Sam Braxas MD.. .Neil Nathan MD.. .Helen Lawler MA, (PfAM).. .Alice Verheijden (IAS).. .Stan Monteith MD...Donna Carrillo, VIAL-FL...Carol A. Sutton, ND...Eric Anderson, DC...Randall Neustaedter, OMD, Lac...Ngure waM wachofi, Ph.D. ..Bara A. Waters, Mhom, MSW. ..Karin Schmacher, Esq (VIA)... W es Dumond, NHF.. .Steve Rubin, Ph.D...Terry A. Smeadstad, DC...Robert Reisinger, DVM...Sandy Mintz...Rachael Stafford, MASc (CRIM), LLB, MA...Dr David P. Holtrop...Dr. Corey' Cameron-Cooper, DC, CCSP ...Dr Dick Versendaal...Suzanne Mendelssohn, FITPI...Dr. Tim O'Shea...Rick Statler, DC...Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom, (NA)...Brent Baldasare, DC...Ralph Fucetola, Esq... Tammy Pritchard, IPN...Rev. Alan Phillips, JD...William L.C. Scott, (Hons) BA...Gary Null, Ph.D... Donald Scott, MA, MSc, pres Common Cause Foundation, (edit Journal of Degenerative Diseases)

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