William (Bill) Bleigh

I am sending this as an open letter to any attorney, investigator, or investigative reporter for help. My son, William Bleigh, was sentenced
March 13, 2009 to 81 years in prison for raping his daughter.

He is innocent.  Yes, you have heard this before, but it is true in this case.

The judge at sentencing, compared his large group of supporters to the Manson Family. He stated Bill was unrepentant. In other words, Bill would not plea, and held fast that he was innocent to the very end.

Bill got custody of his daughter and her brother when the children's mother abandoned them.  She had disappeared after leaving them with Bill, and did not return for the children until several months later. He decided to take custody from the mother after witnessing her filthy (dog urine on her already dirty clothes that had been retrieved from the bathtub filled with more dirty clothes and the disgusting condition of the mother's home as an example) physical condition and stories of numerous 'uncles' living with the family. Needless to say, Bill got custody of his daughter and her brother who was not my son's genetic child after his biological father refused to take custody of him.  His daughter exhibited bizarre behavior (injuring herself, destruction of property, etc.) almost from the very day she came to live with Bill. He had her in counseling almost from the start.  As she grew older, she made several accusations of rape toward several men, all proven untrue. Living with my son, she had love and limits.  Homework time, minimal television, curfew times and chores. She wanted to go back and live with her mother, and found the only way she could legally go back to her mother was to bring charges of rape against my son. He was arrested and spent almost a year in jail while awaiting trial. 

The evidence was her word (rape, claimed she burnt him with cigarettes, etc) and pictures on Bill's digital camera of a man having sex with the girl. The time stamp on the camera was verified by the police when it was seized. After my son proved he was at work at the time the photos were taken, the prosecutors office suddenly claimed the police were wrong, the time stamp on the camera was now wrong.

Bill had custody of his two children from his marriage as well, a boy 15 and a girl 11. Just before the rape charges were made, Bill found that the daughter who made the false charges was sexually active. He also found that she was having sex with her 15 year old half-brother.  After Bill was arrested, his friend's wife found letters from the boy stating he had sex with his sister and needed help.  Instead of giving this information to Bill's lawyer, she gave it to the boy's mother. Bill did not tell this until almost the close of the trial, and then it looked like he was grasping at anything including using his son as a scapegoat to blame it on.

There is no dna, no physical evidence, and I do not believe the prosecutor did any kind of investigation into comparing my son with the man in the pictures.

I raised Bill, and he never once ever had any inkling of any sexual behavior with children.  He was a troubled young person, and rebelled against authority as many children do, but he had pulled himself up from all the mistakes he made as a teenager, gotten his education, and had a good job with high standards for raising his children.  All he wanted to do was give his children a better life than what they had with their mothers.

I have no money left, no savings, nothing.  I want to help my son but I have found that you do not have justice in this country if you do not have money.  None of my granddaughters' past was allowed to be admitted in court to protect her. The cards are stacked in this country against the defendant. I no longer believe the right will win out. It is estimated that at least 25 per cent of all prison inmates are innocent. I know one more. No one in my family or any of Bill's wide group of friends believes in justice for the common person any more.  Murderers get less time than this.

If you can help my son in any way, please contact me.  If you can give me any advice on where to start researching on his appeal, please contact me. 

Thank you for your time.

Patsy Grimmett


Delaware man gets 81 years on sex charges

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Staff Writer

A local man was sentenced in Delaware County Common Pleas Court to 81 years in jail for photographing himself sexually assaulting a juvenile female relative in his Delaware home.

William Bleigh, 33, was convicted by a
Delaware County jury in January on four counts of rape, three counts of gross sexual imposition, nine counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor and eight counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material performance.

Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost said in a written statement that Bleigh deserved “every day” of the sentence.

“His victim will never regain her innocence, and will carry the scares of his assault into every future relationship,” Yost said.

The victim, who was 11 and 12 when the crimes occurred, spoke at the sentencing hearing, saying that she still had nightmares and got headaches thinking about what happened.

Assistant prosecutor Janice Hitzeman said Bleigh was unrepentant and therefore argued for Common Pleas Judge W. Duncan Whitney to impose a harsher sentence.

“There is no rehabilitation without remorse, period,” Hitzeman said.

Bleigh on Friday maintained his innocence and said on the witness stand in January that the victim was lying.

Bleigh’s friends and supporters maintain a Web site where they post his diary entries written from the Delaware County Jail to a blog and solicit contributions for his legal expenses.

“Charles Manson had supporters too. It doesn’t mean he was innocent,” said Common Pleas Judge W. Duncan Whitney, comparing Bleigh to the infamous cult leader.

Whitney said the case was among the worst he had heard as a judge.

“This court has heard in its course very few cases that ever come close to how you victimized this child,” Whitney said.

Charges stem from incidents that took place in Bleigh’s
Delaware residence, prosecutors said. Delaware City Police recovered several pieces of evidence from his home, including several deleted pictures of the victim from Bleigh’s digital camera, approximately 20 computers and pieces of lingerie seen on the victim in the recovered photographs.

Authorities were first alerted when the victim reported the crimes to her school’s principal.

Whitney also designated Bleigh as a tier III sex offender, which carries a requirement of lifetime registration if he is released.

Robert F. Krapenac, Bleigh’s attorney, said his client would appeal the sentence

The links below are the two sites referred to by the judge in the article.





Bill was a computer something-or-other for Pacer Global Logistics in Dublin, Ohio. Of course, he no longer is employed, lost his home, car, and all his posessions.
Bill was a good child, my major complaint with him was cleaning his room and getting his homework done.

 He was a rebellious teenager.  I was a single mother raising 3 sons and it was hard.  Bill ran away, was truant from school, and stole from me.  He never got into drugs, although I am sure he experimented.  I refused to let him quit school, and I did press truancy charges against him hoping the courts would help me.  What they did for Bill was grant his emancipation when he got his girlfriend pregnant at 17.  She was 20.  I wanted him to stay in school and support the child. My argument was if love was real then, it would still be real when he graduated.  The courts let them get married without my approval.  Bill and his wife had a little girl when their first child was about 5.  Bill and his wife worked dead end jobs and struggled.  They lived with his in-laws.
Bill finally got fed up with going nowhere, and went back to school. He worked a full-time job, went to school and got his degree in computer science.  I just cannot remember if he has his associate or bachelor's. He and his wife got a divorce, and she did not want the children, but did move in with her parents with the children with the understanding Bill would take them when he found suitable living arrangements.
Several years before, Bill had an affair with another woman who became pregnant.  Bill did not find out that she had his child until the girl was 10. He arranged to pay child support, and fought for visitation.  I believe Bill was in her life for not quite a year when the mother brought the children (my granddaughter and her brother) and abandoned them.  Bill got temporary custody so they could go to school and get needed medical care.  Bill was eventually awarded custody of both children even though the younger boy was not his biological child. All four children lived with Bill in Delaware, Ohio.  My youngest son JP who is 10 years younger than Bill, stayed with Bill to help him with the kids after he graduated from high school and entered college.  I thought sometimes Bill was a little strict with them, but he limited television, encouraged outside play and sports, and a big big emphasis on reading.  He watched every video before he let the children see it, and was very protective. Most meals were home cooked and every meal eaten whole family around the table. 
Bill never has been violent or abusive in any way.  He was a gifted child, and basically was passive-agressive according to his psychologist during his rebellious years.  I never had an inkling of any sexual behavior during his  childhood.  I think that pedophiles show some behavior early on in their life, and I do not believe you wake up at 32 a pedophile. The only sexual behavior Bill showed was when he started dating his future wife at 16. 

He went through hours and hours of evaluation from Delaware County Childrens Services when he was trying to get custody of the two younger children.  The case worker for the children complimented Bill on how well the kids had adjusted and the fine home he was providing for them. They made home visits for almost a year after Bill got custody.

Bill pulled himself up from nothing and did everything he could for his kids. He really is a gentle and kind man and I am so proud of him for what he accomplished on his own. I make him sound like a saint- of course he was not, but he tried every day to be a better person. He worked long, hard hours and did the best he could.

I can send you anything you need, and I will let you know as soon as I do how to reach him.

Bills' older brother is a deputy sheriff and is willing to do anything he can as well.  What ever advice you can give me on where to start would be wonderful.  My current plan is to send the email I sent you to every news organization, investigative reporter, and innocence project I can.

I know now how many innocent men and women are sitting in jail now on false charges.  I also plan to write letters to my state legislators demanding that people who file false charges should be fully prosecuted.  I also know that there are real victims of abuse and rape who deserve protection in the courts, but I think we have gone too far at the expense of the innocent accused.

Thank you so much for your offer.  I know there are so many needing help, and prospects are not good, but I have vowed to work to bring my sons case back to trial or get his conviction overturned as long as I have life.

I wish you much success in your work. We need more voices crying in the wilderness.

Thank you
Patsy Grimmett 


This is Bills most recent post on the website his friends set up 
He is also listed now on the Ohio Department of Corrections website
William Bleigh,  county of residence Delaware
he is at the Pickaway facility- the site was down this am so I have not been able to look at it, that is, if I can ramp up  the courage. 


Sunday, 3-15-09 (10:00 p.m.) Friday Sucked

Well, I got 81 years. They used one post from here (and one sentence actually – as was pointed out by Sam) to help ramp up my sentence. Honestly, if they can only find one post, from a blog that I’ve been keeping for almost a year, to be offended by, then I’m doing okay. Of course, they chose my angry and bitter post, where I was pissed at the world, to bring into Court… they couldn’t have gone with the posts where I’ve stated that while I’d like to be made at her, I can’t… grrr.

Thank you to all of my minions who wrote letters and came to speak on my behalf. (Note: the above reference to ‘minions’ is a joke. The only time I had minions was when I played Overlord.) I bet you didn’t expect to be equated with Mansonites, did ya? Yeah, surprised me too.

I’m only asking for support from my friends and family until/unless/whatever my appeals either go through or are denied. Of course, I absolutely understand if you choose not to do so.

Oh, I’m including the statement I was supposed to read at sentencing, but didn’t because I just couldn’t bring myself to care.

My Statement for Sentencing:

My attorney stood before this Court and insisted that the evidence and witnesses that I wished to present were either irrelevant or inadmissible. I’d like to go over what you should have seen at trial.

First and foremost, there are the medical records and testimony from doctors at Children’s Hospital, our family doctor, and the Polaris Urgent Care stating that, a few months prior to my arrest, I had taken Chelsea in to be examined and interviewed for signs of sexual assault and to be treated for a urinary infection.

I took her to Children’s Hospital and placed her in a room full of medical professionals, who have years of experience doing physical examinations and interviews with children who have been sexually molested, and at the end of that examination it was determined that nothing had been done to her sexually, that it was only a simple infection.

I still haven’t received an adequate explanation as to why this evidence was not admitted.

Secondly, the evidence and testimony from my then-girlfriend Sharon regarding the various articles of clothing found in my closet that directly contradicted Wendy’s testimony that I had purchased these articles of clothing for her. This evidence consisted of receipts and spreadsheets detailing not only when these items of clothing were purchased, but for whom they were purchased.

You should have also heard testimony from women with whom I have been in sexual relationships and who could have easily identified my genitals. These are people who, regardless of any personal relationship with me, would not hesitate to condemn me if they identified me in those pictures.

Not only that, but you should have heard testimony from a wide variety of witnesses detailing false accusations, from sexual abuse at church to physical abuse by her uncle. Testimony from people present at both lice incidents that can directly contradict Wendy’s testimony. Testimony from family friends who were afraid to be alone with Wendy for precisely these reasons.

The lack of vasectomy scars in the photos, the fact that it was clearly not a 300-pound man in the photos… how is it that I am the only person to bring this up in Court? The fact that the second bag of lingerie was not only still in the package, but of an adult size and would have fit her like socks on a rooster? Or the absolutely insane idea that I would put anyone who was even suspected of having lice in my room, much less in my bed?

I understand that the defense does not have to produce evidence, but I also understand that if you have evidence that clears your client, you should present that evidence to the Court.

Your Honor, if I had anything to do with these charges I would have taken the first deal offered, or entered a plea of guilty when it was only seven counts on the indictment. Certainly, I would have jumped at the chance to avoid prosecution on the other 17 charges. The fact that I did not admit guilty for something I did not do purely to save myself a considerable amount of prison time should, at least, indicate my sincerity.

Clearly, Your Honor, I have very little chance of convincing this Court that I am innocent of these charges, and almost no hope of leniency, but at the very least I wanted to point out that what was presented at trial was by no means the whole story, and that very serious mistakes were made in the handling of my defense.

Sir, I am not a rapist or a pedophile, I am not a danger to the community, and I ask for a sentence that will allow me to prove that and a chance to rebuild my life.

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