The Traci Jackson Story

In Her Own Words


I’ve known my husband since fourth grade.  We married in 1995 and produced two beautiful children, Jacob (7) and Samantha (4).  I can’t pinpoint the exact time our marriage started o fall apart, but slowly, as a few years after the birth of Sami, we began to drift away from each other – living like roommates, not lovers.  I tried hard to capture Paul’s attention.  I lost weight, dressed sexy, made advances but all I got was, “I’ve worked my ass off…I love you honey…I’m so tired…sex is not important to me…”  Well it was important to me.  Late one evening I realized that he didn’t want sex from me.  He was ordering porno from DirecTV every week while I slept and “taking care of himself.”  How do you think it made me feel to know I couldn’t entice or turn on my own husband? 


Viagra pills would always be brought home from work.  Evidently, they weren’t intended to be used with me.  I couldn’t even turn my own husband on but slutty women on TV could.  I started checking the DirecTV bill and never told him I was aware of his secret; our bill was over $100.00 a month. 


Soon I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer – which further distances Paul from any chances of intimacy with me.  I had my ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus removed.  I was devastated.  Eight weeks after surgery, he still wouldn’t approach me intimately.  I did find comfort in a new male friend, who made me feel desirable.  Foolishly and regretfully I had an affair.  I came to find out that Paul was having me followed and having my cell phone bugged with a recording device.  I would not have put it past him to have the doctor remove both of my ovaries when Cancer was only in one.  Paul is a family physician.  He was angry, hurt and full of vengeance. I was seeing a marriage counselor and we had an appointment to start going together when I was arrested.


April 22, 2004 I was arrested for attempted murder.  It was alleged that I tried to poison Paul with rat poison in his coffee.  I never confessed to such a crime.  I never signed a statement.  I was never videotaped or recorded.  No poison was ever found in all six of his blood tests, no illness was ever shown to exist – only his words.  However he did not know what he could be ill from.  It definitely was not poison.  No cup of coffee, which he said he held onto, in his car cup holder for eight days was ever produced. 


In fact, the day that he told (Thursday) that is wife may have poisoned him, what does he do?  He leaves Michigan for Las Vegas, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and returns home on Monday, still never once confronts me.


The woman who told him this lie had been receiving Vicodin from me and I no longer would give it to her.  Within twenty-four hours she called Paul and tells him of my affair) of which she knew about for the last five months) and adds a lie.  My venting to her and her to me was turned into headline news!  She was in a miserable marriage – going though a divorce.  I was spilling out my heart and feelings to her.  Yes, I did admit to saying not so nice things to her regarding Paul, but that was the extent – venting – never acting on anything.


I had nothing to hide from the detectives – I admitted and even showed them my purchase of D-Con.  We live on a wooded lot with moles, mice, raccoons, etc.  Our housekeeper testified she told me to pick it up at the hardware store and utilized the contents outside.  Paul lied under oath denying that we had any rodents.  He knew mice invaded the BBQ grill which is why he gave it away and got a new one from a friend.  He even saw the children feed the mice cheese through the grill.


I was convicted on hearsay.  I do not belong in prison.  Adultery may be immoral but it is not against the law.  That is my guilt, seeking companionship from another man.  I sit and wait for an appeal and cry every day.  I miss my children more than life.  This is an injustice.  Now my soon to be ex-husband and the state want to take my kids away from me permanently.




Traci Jackson #519903

Robert Scott Correctional Facility

47500 Five Mile Road

Plymouth, MI 48170


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