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I set up the Injustice System in 2002. When I finished my book I found a website called Surviving the System about prison conditions and innocent prisoners. I found that over 300,000 innocent people are in prison, mostly because of the cops and prosecutors framing them and the judges and state paid lawyers letting it happen. In many cases the people guilty of the crime are the star witnesses against the innocent person.

In this site I will have letters from prisoners, innocent and guilty and links to other sites. There will be information on the innocent and the guilty on Death Row. You will see reasons for the abolition of the Death penalty.

If you have a loved one in prison send me an e-mail telling me about the case and their address so I can write them. I will do web pages for them.

A few years ago my site was taken off the internet by the powers that shouldn't be. Since then I have been in and out of the hospital but now I am back and rebuilding the site. I have lost contact with many of the prisoners and hope to regain contact. I also want to contact others.

Please bear with me while I rebuild the site.

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Prisons should not be our largest source of public housing

Posted by Occupy Los Angeles OWS on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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